OpTier, headquartered in New York, is the leader in APM and Big Data Analytics, analyzing billions of business transactions per day. With transactions in its DNA, OpTier has given the market an award-winning Application Performance Management solution, an industry-leading Big Data Analytics platform, and creates contextual big data that drives transformational initiatives like business impact analysis, CIO prioritization, data center consolidation and virtual and cloud migrations. This actionable intelligence provides global 1000 customers such as Deutsche Bank, Frontier Communications, Morgan Stanley and O2, insights that drive business growth, operational productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Whitepaper: 5 Ways To Solidify Your APM Strategy With SaaS

by OpTierApr 22, 2013

The traditional approach to Application Performance Management (APM) is largely based on siloed tools that manage individual components of an application stack.The challenge is that these tools only give you one perspective of the application. What's been missing is an integrated solution that captures the full, end-to-end application perspective.

Learn how an Analytics-Driven, cloud-based APM solution can significantly improve your APM efforts by simplifying:

�??Problem Detection and Isolation
�??Cross-Functional Communication
�??Root Cause
�??End-to-End Application Visibility
�??Installation and Time-to-Value

The bottom line? SaaS-based APM solutions with analytics capabilities are dramatically simplifying the management and optimization of enterprise applications. Analytics-driven APM solutions delivered via the cloud can pave the way for faster, smarter and more profitable application management.

Download "5 Ways to Solidify Your APM Strategy With SaaS" and learn how an analytics-driven approach to SaaS APM can provide faster and easier end-to-end application visibility.

Whitepaper: DevOps for a New Millennium: A Lifecycle Perspective Supporting Business Growth in an Altered Economy

by OpTierApr 22, 2013

Cloud. Agile. Virtualization. Big Data. Mobile. Emerging from the economic wasteland that characterized the first decade of the 2000s, the IT Industry is charging out of the gate with an explosion of unprecedented innovation.

The rapid adoption of agile development and shifting market conditions has paved the way for a new DevOps paradigm. This new evolution entails a more cross-functional, collaborative, and lifecycle- focused activity than traditionally understood DevOps approaches.

This model of DevOps is far more effective for supporting the agile practices and business criticality that characterize today's application delivery systems.

This report explores how companies like OpTier are helping support the new DevOps approach and arming businesses with powerful software to manage the ever-important application development and delivery lifecycle.

Webcast: How Cloud, Mobility and Analytics are Driving New Approaches to APM

by OpTierSep 27, 2012

How 2012's biggest trends impact APM, from IDC Research. As computing becomes more pervasive with the advent of social business, cloud, mobility and big data/analytics - every end-user interaction counts! Learn how to keep enterprise IT focused.

Whitepaper: Making Big Data Fast and Easy: Creating Context across Multiple Data Sources

by OpTierOct 29, 2012

While big data promises huge insight, the truth is, many companies are struggling to realize the benefits due to the difficulty in integrating data from multiple silos. This research paper examines how to create contextual big data and how to simplify the analytics process for business users without needing to go to IT for every time a new study begins. Pros and cons of multiple methods for big data analytics are analyzed and recommendations for getting started are provided.

Whitepaper: Ovum Research: Solution Guide - Application Performance Management

by OpTierSep 27, 2012

APM today sits at a juncture that crosses many disciplines and domains. This report aims to clarify what it is that defines an APM solution, and how the vendors are taking their solutions forward. A SWOT analysis of their solutions is provided.