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Entrust provides identity-based security solutions that empower enterprises, consumers, citizens and websites in more than 4,000 organizations spanning 60 countries. Entrust's identity-based approach offers the right balance between affordability, expertise and service. With more than 125 patents granted and pending, these world-class solutions include strong authentication, fraud detection, digital certificates, SSL and PKI. For information, call 888-690-2424, e-mail or visit

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Whitepaper: Addressing Advanced Fraud Threats: In Today's Mobile Environment

by Entrust, Inc.Apr 01, 2011

While mobile banking applications have yet to be adopted by mainstream users, they are being deployed by financial institutions around the world and are being used by early adopters for basic transactions, such as checking account balance, paying bills and transferring money. But there is a clear relationship between those doing their banking online and those early adopters of mobile banking. And the security of online banking and mobile banking, which remains a concern for both, is a distinct barrier to growth. With the frequency and complexity of fraud attacks increasing�and the morphing of traditional fraud attacks into the mobile space� financial institutions need to become more aggressive in implementing online and mobile security; and they need to look beyond traditional security measures that don�t apply in the mobile environment.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

• Why financial institutions should capitalize on mobile opportunities

• About the latest online and mobile threats

• How mobile devices can be leveraged by financial institutions to enhance security for users

Whitepaper: A Practical Approach to Authentication in an Evolving Enterprise Environment

by Entrust, Inc.Mar 31, 2011

The growth of mobile devices and smartcard technology is increasingly playing a role in the development of an organization�s security strategy. Mobile devices enable organizations to leverage a very flexible, convenient and low-cost method for authentication. Organizations also can begin leveraging smartcard technology to consolidate two security environments: physical and logical access. Once the responsibility of two distinct organizations within a company, combining physical and logical access solutions provides these organizations consolidated management, improved ROI and a total security view.

By leveraging the platform approach, businesses can broaden their security deployment, provide flexibility for employees and partners, while achieving operating efficiencies. Whether it�s a smartcard for physical and logical access, soft tokens on a mobile device, or a unique grid card for strong authentication to a VPN, organizations can consolidate all authentication processes with a single, proven solution.

Whitepaper: Authentication and Fraud Detection Buyer's Guide from Entrust

by Entrust, Inc.Nov 01, 2008

The Entrust Authentication and Fraud Detection Buyer�s Guide guide has been developed to assist financial services organizations in identifying their requirements for an authentication and fraud-detection solution, and in selecting a solution that meets their security needs. It outlines key questions that should be considered during the selection process to ensure that the chosen solution will address the organization�s requirements both from a business and operational perspective.

Whitepaper: Man-in-the-Middle Attacks: Helping to eliminate the threat without impacting the business

by Entrust, Inc.Sep 01, 2008

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks have become increasing recognized as a serious and sophisticated threat that can defeat a single layer of security. This white paper explains this new trend and how a cost-effective collection of solutions, including EV SSL certificates, multifactor authentication and fraud detection, can help banks defeat MITM attacks.

Whitepaper: Implementing Transparent Security for BlackBerry Users: Solutions to automate secure BlackBerry communication with external parties

by Entrust, Inc.Feb 01, 2008

As employees are increasingly un-tethered from the desktop, RIM�s extensive line of BlackBerry devices has become one of the cornerstones of office productivity tools � regardless of industry. From routine correspondence to conducting business-critical tasks, BlackBerrys are relied upon to get the job done. With this new way of managing electronic communication, organizations must consider how their sensitive corporate information will be kept secure and confidential in a BlackBerry environment. Addressing the need to secure e-mail communications, BlackBerry users have the option to encrypt e-mails locally on the device using the BlackBerry S/MIME encryption feature or other similar approaches. While the native BlackBerry solution is secure, it does introduce several usability issues associated with client-based e-mail encryption.

Whitepaper: Take Exchange 2007 to the Max: Three ways layered security can maximize the return on your investment in Microsoft® Exchange 2007™

by Entrust, Inc.Dec 01, 2007

Microsoft Exchange is the transportation hub of your organization�s communications. Operations depend on the critical information that moves through your Exchange environment all day, everyday, enabling business to be conducted at a more efficient pace and at lower costs than ever before.

Whitepaper: Enterprise Authentication: Increasing Security without Breaking the Bank

by Entrust, Inc.Jul 01, 2007

As the pressure to comply with regulatory requirements combines with the growing number of users working outside the boundaries of the corporation, the need for strong authentication for large portions of an employee community has never been greater. Organizations need stronger forms of authentication that are easy to use and less costly to purchase, deploy and maintain than traditional �one-size-fits-all� options.

Whitepaper: Managing SSL Security: An exploration of typical obstacles and opportunities for customers to reduce the cost and complexity of using SSL

by Entrust, Inc.May 01, 2007

An exploration of typical obstacles and opportunities for customers to reduce the cost and complexity of using SSL. These opportunities are mapped to the capabilities of the Entrust Certificate Management Service that provides a complete offering for managing SSL certificates.

Whitepaper: Protecting Sensitive Data on Shared Networks: How to provide persistent encryption of confidential folders on corporate networks

by Entrust, Inc.Nov 01, 2006

While common security risks such as identity theft and online fraud attacks are top of mind, enterprises are also seeking solutions to secure and encrypt important files and folders, protect intellectual property and promote the sharing of information throughout an organization. Enterprises are aware of the immediate risks associated with exposing proprietary files and sensitive data on a shared network. Products on the market today attempt to solve this problem, but don�t provide the necessary protection without adding additional management inconveniences. All corporations use corporate networks as the primary means of collaborating. Even a slight change can have a negative impact on efficiency.