Kaminario K2 DRAM storage appliance delivers extreme performance for accelerating critical business applications. Based upon the Kaminario unique Scale-Out Performance Architecture (SPEAR), the Kaminario K2 supports millions of IOPS and tens of GB/s of throughput eliminating storage I/O bottlenecks. Organizations of any size can move their most strategic applications to Kaminario K2 appliances without modification or disruption. Kaminario is application, database and file system agnostic. Kaminario K2 delivers enterprise grade high availability, scales to any size business, and is easy to deploy and maintain; installation and configuration can be done in less than one day. Kaminario is simply faster.

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Whitepaper: Extreme Performance Storage for Financial Applications

by KaminarioJan 05, 2011

Financial institutions deploy multiple business critical applications in order to be competitive and meet the informational demands of their internal users and customer base. These applications are either online (OLTP) or batch processing for next business day. Customer relationship management (CRM), risk management, tax liability business intelligence, and data warehousing are just a few examples of applications that are storage I/O intensive. Unfortunately, today's storage technologies have