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Wainhouse Research is an independent market research firm that focuses on critical issues in the Unified Communications and rich media conferencing fields. The company conducts multi-client as well as custom research studies for industry vendors and consults with end users on key implementation issues. The firm also publishes a news bulletin, white papers and market statistics, and delivers public and private seminars as well as presentations at industry meetings.

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Whitepaper: Choices In Unified Communications Solutions: Comparing Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 to IBM Lotus Sametime 8

by Wainhouse ResearchNov 10, 2008

Any�UC�solution�must�also�consider�the�processes�the�business�uses�and�the�people�who�perform�those�processes. Technology�will�only�be�broadly�adopted�if�the�pain�of�adoption�is�less�than�the�pain�of�the�problem. E. Brent Kelly of Wainhouse Research compares Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 to IBM Lotus Sametime 8 in this presentation.

Whitepaper: OCS 2007 vs. Sametime 8.0: Comparing Unified Communications Solutions

by Wainhouse ResearchMar 17, 2008

Microsoft's Office Communications Server 2007 and IBM Lotus' Sametime 8.0 represent two distinct choices as unified communications solutions.

Whitepaper: The Vital Role Of Web Conferencing In Small & Medium Enterprises

by Wainhouse ResearchJan 01, 2008

Web conferencing as a general-purpose business tool has undergone tremendous growth in adoption and usage over the past few years. While many think of web conferencing as a large enterprise application, in fact it has shown remarkable attractiveness to Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) users as well. This paper published by Wainhouse Research explains where, why, and how web conferencing has woven itself into the day-to-day fabric of SME’s - and reveals some major differences in the usage patterns SME’s exhibit compared to large enterprises.