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Whitepaper: See, Analyze and Fix all of Your Endpoints

by PromisecJan 26, 2011

Findings of an inspection of over 100,000 endpoints across multiple enterprises confirmed some type of breaches in security and compliance. Typically, 10-35% of endpoints demonstrated some kind of security threat or compliance issue. The most notable findings of the 2010 study were a dramatic rise in unmanaged machines and miss-configured anti-virus software and other third-party agents.

Organizations without Promisec�s checks and balances capabilities can expect that over 20% of endpoints will not be covered with the agent-based solutions they have purchased. Promisec also acts as a �master of agents,� maximizing the control of other management agents such as antivirus and software deployment solutions. Promisec works with a variety of third-party management agents to proactively give you visibility and control over 100% of your endpoints.