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ASG provides a full range of practical software solutions that help IT organizations lower costs, save time, and make proactive decisions that drive business success. Best known for its broad portfolio of best-value, results-driven technologies, ASG partners with 85 percent of the world�s largest companies to optimize IT service delivery in both mainframe and distributed environments. Founded in 1986, ASG is a privately held global company based in Naples, Fla., with more than 70 offices worldwide.

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Whitepaper: Latest Modernization Techniques To Transform IT

by ASG SoftwareDec 03, 2010

Executives are driving business transformation across business unit, customer and partnership boundaries, pushing the limits of highly segregated enterprise infrastructures. While these demands push the limits of enterprise infrastructures, no one feels the impact more than IT. Business / IT transformation on an unprecedented scale is forcing IT to reconsider traditional solutions and craft creative strategies to realign traditional stovepipe architectures to enable customer-centric, horizontal business strategies.

Fortunately, IT has another option. Modernization opens up a diverse mix of solutions, providing the disciplines and tools required to analyze, refactor and transform aging, silo-based IT architectures. Transforming IT architectures through modernization enables organizations to address strategic business transformation requirements while delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions.

This whitepaper by William Ulrich, discusses how IT can enable business and IT transformation using architecture-driven modernization as an agent of change.

Whitepaper: The State of Content Management in Financial Institutions

by ASG SoftwareJul 26, 2011

Financial institutions rely on content to drive strategic decision-making, mitigate risk, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, service customers and streamline operations. Yet many financial firms -- including banks, insurance and investment firms -- continue to struggle to manage their exploding volumes of content generated throughout the organization, whether it is structured content generated from disparate transaction processing systems or unstructured content such as user-generated spreadsheets, email exchanges or compliance documents.

Read this whitepaper to learn:
- The biggest challenges of managing enterprise content
- How banks manage transactional structured content, such as e-mails, electronic documents and rich media
- The major business drivers for improving content management, including e-discovery and compliance
- Why firms lag in deploying enterprise content management solutions
- How enterprise content management can improve compliance and mitigate corporate risk