Whitepaper: Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: Okta Identity Management Service

by OktaJun 19, 2013

For this October 2012 study, Okta commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Okta On-Demand Identity and Access Management service. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Okta on their organization. For this study, Forrester conducted an interview with one existing Okta customer.

The analysis showed that Okta

Whitepaper: Moving Beyond User Names and Passwords: An Overview of Okta's Multifactor Authentication Capability

by OktaJun 19, 2013

Typical web applications are protected with single-factor authentication: a user name and password. These credentials, in addition to being difficult to manage, leave sensitive data and applications vulnerable to a variety of common attacks. As enterprises adopt more cloud applications, addressing this threat will become critical. Unlike older on-premises applications, cloud applications are accessible to anyone on the public Internet. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is designed to protect

Whitepaper: Not All Cloud Services Are Built Alike: Okta's High Availability Architecture

by OktaJun 19, 2013

An on demand identity & access management service is a core cloud infrastructure services and should be:

•  Built for Web Scale - the service must scale up and down seamlessly with your needs.
•  Always Available - the service must be architected for zero downtime. No maintenance windows required.
•  Secure - the service must be more secure than anything you could build and operate on your own.
•  Constantly Evolving - the

Whitepaper: Three Ways to Integrate Active Directory with Your Saas Applications

by OktaJun 19, 2013

The adoption rate of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications has been dramatic. Trials of applications like Salesforce.com, WebEx, or NetSuite have transitioned into enterprise-wide deployments, and many organizations have adopted a "SaaS first" policy. The tendency of SaaS applications to be siloed has made managing user access and authorization an increasing challenge. The task of onboarding users is a time-intensive, manual process that involves administrators across multiple departments,

Whitepaper: Top 8 Identity & Access Management Challenges with Your Saas Applications

by OktaJun 19, 2013

With the exploding adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, enterprise IT is fundamentally changing. While on-demand services provide tremendous ROI, they also introduce new challenges that must be overcome to truly capitalize on their potential. Identity management problems such as controlling who is granted access to which applications and data and how to control access to these applications leveraging on premise directories such as Active Directory, have become increasingly

Whitepaper: Building Online Portals for Your Customers & Partners with Okta: An Architectural Overview

by OktaFeb 11, 2013

For many organizations, portals are an increasingly important way of providing critical application access to partners and/or customers. Assembled from multiple web applications, portals introduce unique identity management challenges, because unlike internal employees, users from customers or partners aren't typically stored in the corporate directory. This forces administrators to maintain multiple user-stores and end-users to register, and manage logins for, each app individually.

Whitepaper: Okta Active Directory Integration - An Architecture Overview

by OktaFeb 11, 2013

For most companies, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) plays the central role in coordinating identity and access management policies. AD typically serves as a "source of truth" for user identities, and it provides access control to on-premises resources such as networks, file servers, and web applications.

A byproduct of the transition to cloud applications is the proliferation of separate user stores; each cloud application typically is rolled out independently and therefore has its own

Whitepaper: Okta Identity Management for Portals Built on Salesforce.com

by OktaFeb 11, 2013

The Salesforce.com's suite of platforms and applications offer enterprises the ability to roll out rich customer-facing applications quickly, with no hardware or operations infrastructure required. The suite provides both packaged solutions, like the Salesforce CRM Customer Portal, and a platform for custom application development.

However, challenges can arise when enterprises need to integrate systems not built on Salesforce.com, or not built within the same Salesforce.com

Whitepaper: Three Ways to Integrate Active Directory with Your SaaS Applications

by OktaSep 01, 2011

Managing multiple stand-alone user directories that are not integrated with Active Directory can easily lead to a set of untenable security and access management challenges. Seamless integration with AD is a must for any solution used to manage access and authorization to your SaaS applications.

True integration with Active Directory must address these challenges and provide:

? User synchronization

? Access provisioning and de-provisioning

? Single

Whitepaper: Cloud First IT: Managing a Growing Network of SaaS Applications

by OktaSep 01, 2011

The move to the cloud is driving significant change across enterprise IT. Fundamentally IT is transforming from managing a set of applications and data residing within their firewall, to a set of distributed services subscribed to and accessed from the cloud. As a result, the Local Area Network of the 90's is giving way to the Cloud Services Network of today.