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Whitepaper: Capitalizing On Big Data: Managed Services Help Financial Firms Accelerate Big Data Projects

by CenturyLinkJan 22, 2015

Financial services firms are collecting unprecedented quantities of structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources and storing it in varying formats. Analysis of this big data can yield enormously valuable insights that help drive business growth, increase profitability, and manage risk. View this complimentary article to learn how managed big data services enable financial services forms to quickly deliver scalable and flexible solutions.

Whitepaper: Capture Today's Banking Customer, Leveraging Infrastructure-as-a-Service

by CenturyLinkJan 20, 2015

Today's banks are facing increased competition, a demand for services across a variety of digital platforms, and increasingly complex security and regulatory requirements. View this complimentary report to learn how banks can reduce costs and achieve ongoing agility by partnering with an infrastructure-as-a-service provider that can offer rigorous operational and security controls, scalable and highly available IT infrastructure, and expertise.

Whitepaper: Leveraging Managed Security Services to Fight Growing Cybersecurity Threats

by CenturyLinkJan 05, 2015

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) recently released a statement on 'Cyber-Attacks on Automated Teller Machine and Card Authorization Systems and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.' In the statement, the FFIEC outlines six guidelines to maintain a state of readiness to address this ongoing threat:

• Conduct ongoing information security risk assessments
• Perform security monitoring, prevention and risk mitigation
• Protect

Whitepaper: Capture Today's Banking Customer, Leveraging Infrastructure-As-A-Service

by CenturyLinkJan 05, 2015

Today's banks are experiencing IT-related challenges brought on by an increase in demand for mobile functionality, including, increased social media activity, and the need for an overall seamless customer experience.

Banks need to drive innovation and build secure IT platforms. Often they turn to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider for help.

Read, CenturyLink's white paper; "Capture Today's Banking Customer: Leveraging Infrastructure-as-a-Service" and

Whitepaper: Capitalizing On Big Data: Managed Services Help Financial Firms Accelerate Big Data Projects

by CenturyLinkAug 22, 2014

In order to stay ahead of competitors, drive growth, increase profitability and manage risk, financial services firms need to accelerate delivery of their big data solutions. Unfortunately, as firms are collecting unprecedented quantities of data, they are faced with a multitude of challenges, such as scalability, performance and acquiring the right skill sets required for production-grade big data management and analysis.

Although 96% of financial services executives are planning

Whitepaper: Hybrid IT: Best of All Worlds

by CenturyLinkAug 18, 2014

Today's fast and furious pace of business change is driving extreme demand for IT infrastructure agility. But even as the demand for agility must be met, so must the need for 100 percent availability.

In "Hybrid IT: Best of All Worlds," you'll learn why this situation is leading many IT decision-makers to re-evaluate and re-imagine their core infrastructure. And, as a result, they're outsourcing a growing proportion of it, utilizing a hybrid array of different approaches - such as

Whitepaper: Align IT Infrastructure with Customer Demand. Learn how.

by CenturyLinkAug 13, 2014

Finding a technology partner that understands your customers is crucial to success. So when Linedata, a financial software and services provider, launched its new SaaS offering, they knew it was critical that their partner understand the unique and demanding requirements of the financial industry.

Linedata needed a world-class data center, and a trusted network carrier to connect clients to the product and, after careful evaluation, chose CenturyLink Technology Solutions.

Whitepaper: Focus on Core Business and Innovation - Not your IT. Learn how.

by CenturyLinkAug 13, 2014

A strong technology partner can help companies put focus back on their core business. Scivantage, a software company, needed just this type of partner, so they could focus on effectively serving the financial services industry.

In order to improve operational efficiency for their customers, Scivantage has to be up and running 24/7 and meet a rigorous set of requirements, making their need for scalable IT infrastructure that is always secure, reliable and available, imperative to

Whitepaper: Learn how to create a data-driven culture right now

by CenturyLinkMay 09, 2014

Don't be left in the dust. Create a big data culture now.
Download the"Big Data Culture Clash: Unlock the Promise of Data-Before It's Too Late."
The ability to create a data-driven culture is about to separate the winners from the losers in almost every industry. Creating a targeted, data-driven culture offers increased customer engagement, satisfaction and revenue. And, failure to do so can result in dis-alignment with consumer demands and sluggish sales.
But getting there

Whitepaper: MPLS: Future Proofing Enterprise Networks for Long-Term Success

by CenturyLinkJan 14, 2012

Today's enterprises face a complex networking environment, often with multiple network protocols. Read this IDC Executive Brief to see how multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) facilitates cost-effective and converged wide area networking with a high level of security, management, and flexibility.