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XO Communications provides the technology that helps business and wholesale customers compete in a hyper-connected economy. In the U.S., XO owns and operates one of the largest IP and Ethernet networks that customers rely on for private data networking, cloud connectivity, unified communications. Visit or XO Communications is also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Whitepaper: Premises-Based UC Solution? Cloud-Based Hosted Service? Download Guide to Help You Decide!

by XO CommunicationsJan 03, 2016

Unified Communications offers a host of benefits to SMBs and large enterprises alike. But every organization needs to determine whether a premises-based UC solution or a cloud-based hosted service is the best fit for its own situation. This decision guide takes you through a list of important considerations to help you do just that.

Whitepaper: Come on Team! Let's Put the Kabosh on Shadow IT

by XO CommunicationsJan 03, 2016

When individual departments procure cloud service for their own use, they usually don't consider the hazardous organization-wide implications. Read this paper to learn best practices for setting up an internal, IT-based cloud brokerage function that service the entire organization. Find out how this approach enables you to retain top-down visibility and control of network security and manage the impact of cloud traffic on your WAN.

Whitepaper: Tools for Greater Visibility, Security and Performance of Your WAN Traffic

by XO CommunicationsJan 03, 2016

Explore the optimization tools that give you the ability to see and control the performance and security of your WAN traffic, a vital component to your cloud success. Among other things, these tools help you counteract the effects of latency introduced by geographical WAN distances and allow you to alleviate network congestion that might results from sending a lot large files and retransmitting dropped packets.

Whitepaper: Is Your WAN Robust Enough for Your Hybrid Cloud?

by XO CommunicationsDec 22, 2015

At the center of the hybrid cloud effort is your WAN. It's the thoroughfare for moving data, services, and sessions back and forth between users and resources. This means your WAN: must be highly available and secure;and needs to perform comparably to a LAN - meaning latency and packet loss needs to be managed. Taking a performance hit in order to use cloud services isn't acceptable: users don't care where the resources reside as long as they are readily available and do the job. Is your WAN up to the task? Download this white paper to learn how to ensure that your WAN is robust enough.

Infographic: Infographic: The State of Unified Communications in the Enterprise

by XO CommunicationsOct 12, 2015

According to a recent UBM Tech study, unified communications is providing tremendous benefits to current adopters. Given the positive experiences of UC adopters, why aren't more companies moving forward with their own implementation? Download the infographic to find out what's holding other back.

Research Report: Case Study eBook: Corporate IT Leaders Tell How They Handle Today's Telecom Challenges

by XO CommunicationsOct 09, 2015

What's top of mind for today's IT leaders? How are they handling their biggest network and telecom challenges? Download this eBook to find out how three IT execs address their companies' critical business issues by utilizing enterprise communications solutions from XO.

Whitepaper: State of UC Research: Future Adopters to Reap Benefits via Cloud

by XO CommunicationsOct 09, 2015

Companies like yours are successfully addressing communications and collaboration challenges with Unified Communications. According to a new UBM Research Study, 87% of adopters say UC met or exceeded their expectations. Learn what holds others back, and how to overcome those obstacles. Download the report.

Whitepaper: 6 Benefits of Unified Communications as a Service

by XO CommunicationsOct 09, 2015

Despite the dazzle of UC, the hassle of implementing and supporting it can deter enterprises from adopting UC. Read this paper to learn 6 reasons why Unified Communcations as a Service (UCaaS) removes the UC burden and allows enterprises to delegate the work to trusted hosted service provider.

Whitepaper: Centralizing Business Communications: Remove Complexity, Gain Cost Savings and Scalability

by XO CommunicationsOct 09, 2015

If you're tired of juggling separate phone systems at each of your office locations, it's time to learn the top 7 reasons to centralize your business communications. Read this paper and find out how centralizing your communications will remove management complexity while you gain cost savings and scalability.

Webcast: New Study: 3 Reasons Companies Fail to Collaborate Effectively

by XO CommunicationsJul 08, 2015

Two-thirds of companies fail to implement the collaboration capabilities they need—despite the fact that early adopters report that those technologies meet or exceed their pre-deployment expectations. A new InformationWeek Research report uncovered three key factors that keep companies like yours from reaping the same benefits as these early adopters. 

Participate in this interactive webinar to:

  • Learn what holds companies back Unified Communications – and how to overcome those obstacles
  • Better understand what UC really is and what it can do for your business
  • Find out how the cloud is revolutionizing UC implementation
  • Get answers to your UC-related questions from two leading experts for FREE

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