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Whitepaper: On-Premise vs. Cloud: The Impact of Cloud Computing on Web Content Management

by CrownPeakJul 01, 2011

A recent survey by Gartner found that the market for cloud services is expected to reach $150B by 2013. Although cloud computing adoption started in small and medium sized companies, cloud services are rapidly gaining market share in the enterprise.

Despite these statistics, there are still misunderstandings on the definition of cloud computing and even more confusion over how enterprise companies would benefit switching from traditional on-premise to cloud solutions. Quite often fear, uncertainty, and doubt prevent understanding the real benefits of cloud computing. Further, the media is quick to attack cloud computing's agility, citing it as unreliable, insecure, and costly.

This whitepaper introduces the key differences of on-premise versus cloud computing as it relates to web content management. It also discusses important considerations enterprise companies must consider when contemplating a move from on-premise, and compelling benefits of adopting a cloud web content management solution.