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When you have a technology rollout to deploy on a nationwide or global scale, service efficiency is critical. By understanding the details of the Rollout Services Model (the second part of the Technology Rollout System), you can avoid the potential nightmares of project implementation and ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. This paper continues the effort of the series by providing the critical information needed to evaluate a technology rollout company effectively and ensure that you are getting the most efficient and cost-effective implementation system for your technology deployment projects.

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Whitepaper: Nationwide Rollout and Global Technology Deployment Internal Resources Requirements

by Concert TechnologiesApr 01, 2009

Nationwide rollouts and global technology deployments are complex projects that require expert management of people and technology. A project´┐Żs success is as dependent on the internal resources that deploy it as the technology installed. An inexperienced Project Facilitator or overburdened Project Manager can easily become overwhelmed -- which can cause massive repercussions that inevitably translate to increased costs or delayed implementation for your project. As the third in our series, this paper continues the effort of providing information that enables you to evaluate a deployment company and its Technology Rollout System intelligently so that you can realize the most cost-effective and time-efficient project deployment. What are Internal Resources? Internal Resources consist of both the human and the technological elements that work in harmony to accelerate deployment times and enhance the efficiency of any nationwide or global rollout. This paper explains: The Role of Internal Resources. Examine the importance of Internal Resources and the part they play in the evaluation of a Technology Rollout System. Rollout Delivery Team Job Functions. Discover which job functions are critical to deployment efficiency. The Ideal Rollout Delivery Team Configuration. Learn which Rollout Delivery Team Configuration expedites deployment processes and guarantees measurable quality. What Are the Benefits of Experienced Internal Resources? When experienced people and well-established technologies are part of a proven Technology Rollout System, the benefits include: - Lower project costs - Accelerated implementation time - Enhanced communication flow - Reduced customer management effort - Improved scalability and flexibility - Guaranteed quality

Whitepaper: Lower Project Costs and Time of Technology Rollouts

by Concert TechnologiesSep 16, 2008

The rapid deployment of nationwide technology rollouts requires well-defined processes, robust management skills, and a unique understanding of how to get the job done. Without a proven Technology Rollout System, you run a high risk of project complications that result in increased costs, missed deadlines, and an overwhelming burden on internal resources. This paper explains what a Technology Rollout System is, how it lowers costs and saves time without compromising quality, and provides essential questions to ask any technology rollout company to ensure you are choosing the right option for your technology project