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Solace Systems is the leading provider of hardware-based middleware, delivering content routers that enable computer systems to share and distribute information at very high speed. Solace's content routers are 10 to 100 times faster than competitive solutions, with performance that's consistent even in the most demanding circumstances. As purpose-built appliances, Solace's content routers also cost less to deploy and operate than software-based solutions. Solace hardware has been successfully implemented by global leaders in markets such as financial services, government, telecommunications and utility computing.

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Whitepaper: Solace's Unified Messaging Platform

by Solace SystemsJun 24, 2009

Solace's Unified Messaging Platform is the first solution that handles all the major types of enterprise messaging in a single purpose-built hardware platform, with a single API and detailed management and monitoring. The Unified Messaging Platform simplifies the messaging infrastructure, improves performance, reduces time to market for new applications and slashes operational complexity and expense. Solace's Unified Messaging Platform supports ultra-low latency data distribution, high volume fanout, persistent message queuing and WAN-optimized messaging, all with better performance and reliability than software. It also performs related functions required by distributed applications such as content routing, message transformation, caching, and integration with other applications and environments. This document describes Solace's Unified Messaging Platform, including performance highlights, architectural and operational attributes, and resilience.

Whitepaper: The Advantages of Enabling Order Execution in Hardware

by Solace SystemsAug 05, 2008

In order to avoid lost opportunities and customers, sell-side firms need to guarantee the rapid delivery of trade-related messages to avoid lost and late messages through back-office order processing systems. Traditionally, firms have relied on software- and server-based systems to process trades. With the increasing volume of orders, the widespread adoption of algorithmic trading systems and the demand for lower latency, existing systems are not able to keep up with the demand. Solace Systems' hardware messaging solution addresses volume and latency issues and ensures faster messaging and predictable latency. Lower and more predictable latency means faster processing of orders, which improves trading performance for the firm and its customers. This paper identifies the shortcomings of traditional approaches to achieving the guaranteed messaging requirements of order execution and explains the advantages of Solace Systems' innovative solution.

Whitepaper: Enabling Market Data Distribution in Hardware

by Solace SystemsAug 05, 2008

With the rising volume of market data, it is becoming more critical for financial service firms to maintain low-latency. Today's software-based solutions support only limited traffic, which means that firms are continuously deploying new servers that come with large costs including: capital outlay and software licensing and deployment, maintenance and datacenter resources. Financial services firms that take this approach discover that there are many challenges when deploying multiple servers as there is an inherent unpredictability of software running on general purpose servers and operating systems. An innovative hardware response to this challenge can filter, forward and fan-out high volume market data using TCP. Hardware enables high TCP fan-out and support for both local and distributed clients while maintaining very consistent low-latency at peak volumes. This paper outlines Solace Systems´┐Ż hardware solution and its benefits. Solace Systems' solution is built around carrier-grade rack-mountable content routers that perform the core functions of software infrastructure entirely in hardware.