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For more than 40 years, Amano Cincinnati, Inc. has specialized in time management products to help its customers accurately, simply and cost-effectively track time. Our customers use our products to automate day-to-day time and attendance tasks, meet regulatory requirements, reduce paperwork, facilitate growth and realize greater efficiency. As a subsidiary of Amano Corporation Japan, Amano benefits from the influence and support of a global business generating in excess of $700 million in annual revenues and 2,900 employees worldwide.

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Whitepaper: TS-3000i TimeSync Web-based Clock

by Amano Cincinnati, Inc.May 08, 2009

Amano's innovative TS-3000i turn-key web based clock provides users with automatic time synchronization for validated time. This clock will run on its own by employing easy-to-use resident time synchronization schedules with a back-up system that sends e-mail notification and SNMP trap alerts. It also generates time sync reports on events for a potential audit. The TS-3000i will provide the end user with savings in time, effort and money! Time synching clocks are used by companies that either have regulatory requirements or need validated time for their business processes. Synchronizing time is a key business and technology decision that should be integrated within an effective network and security architecture. Regulatory issues exist where transactions and changes to electronic records should be accurately time-stamped. In order to provide this accuracy, all network devices must be synchronized according to national and international time standards. Synchronized time is an important business and technology requirement and can be an inexpensive way to prevent your company from receiving negative press and facing legal issues.