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Founded more than 35 years ago, IPC was the first company to design specialized telephony and communications systems for the financial trading industry. Years later, IPC remains focused on this core market as the industry leader providing vital infrastructure to the world's top banks, brokerages and financial exchanges. IPC has more than 100,000 trading positions deployed in more than 40 countries, supporting 2,400 trading floors and exchanges where billions of dollars of transactions are conducted daily. IPC is in a unique position to continue to lead the way in trading communications and business continuity solutions.

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Latest Content From IPC Systems, Inc

Whitepaper: OTC Derivatives Reform: Linking Market Participants in the Trade Lifecycle

by IPC Systems, IncJul 10, 2012

This whitepaper examines the vital role of derivatives in the capital markets, reviews the regulatory initiatives, and provides insights into the communications and connectivity landscape for the OTC derivative trade lifecycle.

Whitepaper: Rising Above Risk: Sensible Continuity Solutions for Voice Trading Communications in a Challenging Market

by IPC Systems, IncJan 01, 2009

Of all the technologies available to traders today, voice communications is probably the most critical during an emergency. Whether a natural disaster, terrorist threat or technology interruption, traders need to make fast decisions, cover their positions and let customers know what�s happening. Even if a firm trades electronically, voice communications becomes a critical service to support during a crisis.