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Motorola acquired Good Technology in January 2007 to form the Motorola Good Technology Group, a leader in enterprise wireless handheld computing software and services, delivering critical corporate information to the handhelds users choose, over the networks they prefer. Our Good Mobile Messaging and Good Mobile Intranet solutions extend enterprise applications - including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Domino, intranets and certain web-enabled corporate applications - to mobile employees when and where they need them, using end-to-end AES encrypted, FIPS 140-2 certified security, and cradle-free, real-time two-way wireless synchronization.

Good provides multiple Technical Support options including 24X7 support, proactive system monitoring and alerting, and technical account management. Our products are combined enterprise software and service that run on a variety of devices and networks that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership available through "Zero IT Touch" over-the-air (OTA) software management and real-time handheld fleet

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Whitepaper: Motorola Good Helps Russell Investment Group with Good Mobile Messaging

by Motorola Good Technology GroupJan 01, 2008

Striving to exceed expectations of clients in 44 countries requires Russell Investment Group associates to remain accessible to clients and each other no matter where they are. That includes availability before and after "regular" office hours in every region of the world. Unfortunately, their former mobility solution wasn't getting the job done. Read this case study to learn how the group successfully made the switch to Good� Mobile Messaging.


by Motorola Good Technology GroupJan 01, 2008

In this paper, Frost & Sullivan has detailed leading mobile solution deployments, products in development and new product features and modifications for leading solution vendors in the mobile enterprise space. All solutions were then compared, evaluated and ranked based on parameters considered as critical in the implementation of a wireless enterprise solution.

Whitepaper: MOBILE DEVICE SECURITY: Securing the Handheld, Securing the Enterprise

by Motorola Good Technology GroupJun 01, 2007

This White Paper identifies security threats to corporate data on mobile devices and details how mobile devices can become a "backdoor" to the enterprise

Whitepaper: A GOOD MOBILE EXPERIENCE: Balancing IT Requirements While Giving End Users the Mobile Experience They Want

by Motorola Good Technology GroupMay 01, 2007

This paper details the importance of striking a balance between the lock-down management of your mobile solutions and allowing end users the freedom to use mobile devices in the way that works best for them.

Whitepaper: MANAGING THE MOBILE ENTERPRISE: A Guide for Creating Effective Enterprise Wireless Strategies

by Motorola Good Technology GroupMay 01, 2007

Wireless access to enterprise information is going mainstream. However, while the groundswell of enthusiasm for wireless access is coming from the bottom up, the management of wireless access needs to be driven from the top down. Learn how you can build a solid wireless strategy for your organization.

Whitepaper: George Mason Mortgage Replaces BlackBerry with Good Technology for Enterprise Mobile Computing

by Motorola Good Technology GroupJan 01, 2007

The mortgage banking business is ultra-competitive and rapidly changing. To compete in this environment requires a highly productive workforce with dependable, reliable and flexible communications so that employees can provide the best customer service possible. Read this case study to learn how George Mason Mortgage found a more robust and easy-to-manage mobility solution that helped the company accomplish its goals

Whitepaper: Industrial Bank Selects Good Technology for Secure Mobile Computing

by Motorola Good Technology GroupJan 01, 2007

Despite 70 years of success providing banking services to consumers and businesses in the Washington D.C. area, Industrial Bank�s key employees had no way to access their e-mail accounts or calendars while they were out of the office. Read this case study to learn how Good� Mobile Messaging helped the bank achieve its goals for years to come.