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Exstream Software, a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard, provides enterprise software for businesses worldwide to streamline document creation processes and produce more effective, fully targeted and relevant communications of all types for delivery through print/mail and online channels.

Today, Fortune 1000 enterprises around the world use Exstream's market-leading document automation software, Dialogue, as their standard platform for the design, development, production, and management of fully personalized customer communications from high-volume statements, correspondence, publications, and marketing, to on-demand proposals, contracts, policies, and other communications created in real time.

These companies benefit by getting communications to market as much as 85 percent faster, reducing document production costs up to 80 percent, and as much as tripling customer response. Fully integrated with Dialogue, Dialogue Live is an interactive document solution that provides the control enterprises need, the intelligence their users want, and the automation customers

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Latest Content From Exstream Software

Whitepaper: Merrill Lynch: Delivering on the Promise of Total Merrill

by Exstream SoftwareJun 06, 2008

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors counsel clients on a broad range of diversified financial solutions. Listening to feedback from clients, the Merrill Lynch marketing department recognized the value in creating a consolidated statement that shows how all of these solutions work together, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating what is possible from a Total Merrill relationship. Total Merrill refers to the broad range of advice and guidance delivered by an FA for investments, retirement,

Whitepaper: Penn National Insurance: Real-Time Documents Provide Faster Time to Market with a Personal Touch

by Exstream SoftwareJun 06, 2008

Penn National Insurance provides property and casualty insurance and surety bonds to businesses and individuals through a network of more than 700 independent agencies in nine eastern and Mid-Atlantic states. The company ranks among the top eight percent out of more than 1,000 national competitors based on net premiums written. Additionally, Computerworld lauded the firm with its ?Best Places to Work in IT? award in both 2004 and 2005.

Whitepaper: HealthNow NY: Providing Customer Focused Business Information

by Exstream SoftwareJun 06, 2008

Several years ago, HealthNow New York Inc., the parent company of BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York and BlueShield of Northeastern New York, assembled a document assessment team to study ways to improve the communications sent to customers. Taking into consideration the more than 750,000 members HealthNow and its divisions serve, the team recommended that document processes?creation, personalization, automation, and production coordination?be centralized in a single department to

Whitepaper: Unum

by Exstream SoftwareMar 08, 2008

As one of the world?s leading employee benefits providers, Tennessee-based Unum (NYSE:UNM), helps protect more than 25 million working people and their families in the event of illness or injury. Unum prides itself on creating employee benefit plans that are as much about helping employers as the people they employ. As part of this mission, the company is continually monitoring trends and challenges that are driving change in the global workplace. As a result, Unum has a strong orientation

Whitepaper: TSYS: In the Right Business at the Right Time

by Exstream SoftwareJan 05, 2008

For more than 20 years, TSYS has delivered advanced technology and enhanced value for many of the world?s leading financial companies, making it possible for hundreds of millions of consumers to use their credit, debit, commercial, private-label, prepaid and chip cards safely and securely. Based in Columbus, Georgia, TSYS is one of the top electronic card processing companies in the nation, delivering payment services for companies on three continents, in seven languages and sixteen

Whitepaper: Diversified Investment Advisors: Delivering Retirement Statements with a Tangible Difference

by Exstream SoftwareJan 05, 2008

At Diversified Investment Advisors, a national investment advisory firm, retirement plans are?and have always been?the company?s only business. With a singular focus, Diversified is able to dedicate all of its talent and technology to tailoring retirement plan solutions to meet its clients? unique retirement plan needs. Diversified offers its customers objectivity in the investment selection process, a focus on participant education (including a comprehensive participant communications

Whitepaper: How well do you connect with your non-English speaking customers?

by Exstream SoftwareDec 07, 2007

Through the use of sophisticated CRM solutions and other technologies to capture more demographic data, many organizations claim they are communicating with customers at a more personal level than ever before. But are you really? Are you sending your customer?s statements, invoices, and other ?critical? correspondence in their native language? Can you incorporate multi-lingual, relevant cross-sell and up-sell marketing messages into documents?

Whitepaper: Interactive Documents Get Smarter

by Exstream SoftwareMay 01, 2007

In the digital age, the document ? in all its many formats ? has become the cornerstone of customer communications. From account notices, billing statements, and welcome kits to sales decks, direct mail promotions, and e-mail newsletters, the document is central to any company?s efforts to get, keep, and grow customers. So consider this: What are your documents really telling your customers?

Whitepaper: From Me to You

by Exstream SoftwareMay 01, 2007

Insurers are moving from simply providing a good standard of customer service to delivering a highly consistent, personalized experience better described as customer intimacy.