Aleri is the leading provider of enterprise-class high performance complex event processing technology. The Aleri Streaming Platform delivers unsurpassed power and flexibility to the financial markets and other industries where there is a need to analyze and act on fast moving data in real-time. Aleri also markets the Aleri Liquidity Management System, the first enterprise application built on event processing technology and the leading real-time liquidity management system for global bank treasuries. Aleri has spent over 20 years supporting mission critical banking applications and has a customer list that includes many of the world's largest banks.

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Whitepaper: Subscription Methods

by AleriMar 24, 2008

The Aleri Streaming Platform provides several different subscription modes, allowing individual clients to tune their subscription for optimal application performance.

Whitepaper: What We Talk About When We Talk About Queries

by AleriMar 14, 2008

A query, as any dictionary will tell you, is a question. Traditional databases are designed to answer concrete questions about existing data � that is, they�re made to tell us what happened in the past.

Whitepaper: Using Record and Playback in the Aleri Studio

by AleriMar 05, 2008

When building Aleri Streaming Platform data models with the Aleri Studio one can author, run, test and debug the models from within the Aleri Studio. The Playback-Record tool provides users with the ability to capture data streaming into the Aleri Platform server and then playback the captured data at a later time. The focus of this paper is to explore the Playback-Record tool by running the vwap example and using the capture and playback features of the Playback-Record tool.

Whitepaper: Running and Testing Aleri Data Models with Aleri Studio

by AleriMar 02, 2008

When building data models with Aleri Studio one can author, run, test, and debug the models from within Studio. The Run-Test perspective provides tools to run data models, upload data, and visualize the results. The focus of this paper is to explore the Run-Test perspective by running the vwap example, uploading some data and examining the resultant data in tabular form.

Whitepaper: Go with the Flow

by AleriFeb 22, 2008

The Aleri Streaming Platform is a software infrastructure for processing and analyzing event data�e.g., stock trades, messages from equipment, orders from customers�into aggregated, correlated, and alerting data. It's designed to handle vast numbers of messages and process those messages in real-time. It's like a database turned sideways: instead of saving records into a data store, and querying them later, the Aleri Streaming Platform transforms the data as it enters the system. In essence, the queries are computed continuously, and the results are pushed out to subscribers.

Whitepaper: Market Liquidity Analysis (MLA)

by AleriFeb 21, 2008

Many securities are traded on more than one exchange or alternative trading venue. Knowing when, where and how to trade can be a challenge, and it�s getting harder all the time as the markets evolve. Finding and analyzing market liquidity, when liquidity is spread out across multiple Exchanges, ECNs, Alternative Trading Systems, Multi-lateral Trading Facilities and the like is no small task.

Whitepaper: CEP and Storage

by AleriFeb 19, 2008

Many CEP systems, regardless of the method of expressing the processing, may fundamentally be thought of as a directed graph of relational primitives (or stream operators). If one arranges the graph from top to bottom (in terms of data flow) one can think of data entering the top in the most raw form, and as the data works its way down the graph, being refined though further stages of processing. A simple example of this notion is given in the following graphical representation of a market feed driven price/positions model.

Whitepaper: Dynamic Services

by AleriFeb 19, 2008

In the database world it's an issue familiar to every DBA: the application needs to update the database model, how do we do it? The business analysts come up with the new table layout, and now it's up to the DBA to implement it.

Whitepaper: A Log Structured Store for Streaming Data

by AleriFeb 12, 2008

Event stream processing systems have focused on in-memory databases to achieve high performance, but there are several classes of application that require the persistence of some subset of the events processed and/or results produced at very high data rates. This paper describes a facility for streaming data to disk using a versioned AVL-tree index layered over an append-only log-structured store that operates at between 45-60% the throughput of an in-memory red-black tree or hash table.

Whitepaper: Aleri Live OLAP

by AleriFeb 06, 2008

Aleri Complex Event Processing (CEP) provides the ability to analyze and act on fast moving data. The core CEP engine delivers immediate (extremely low latency) response to changing conditions by applying rules that are defined before the data arrives � also known as continuous queries. Aleri has taken CEP one step further by recognizing that the output of a CEP engine produces a data set that is constantly changing and realizing that some users need to interactively analyze this live data in real-time. Traditional data analysis or �Business Intelligence� (BI) tools are designed for analyzing historical data � data from yesterday or last week or last month. They aren�t designed to work with data that�s current and changing, and that reflect the state of the business as of right now, this minute (or actually this second).