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Video: Getting Ready for the SEPA Pricing War

by ILOG, IncApr 01, 2008

Learn how to make pricing systems more flexible so banks can quickly and easily introduce new revenue-generating products; define new pricing structures (bundles); and move from product-centric pricing to customer-centric pricing.

Video: Know Your MiFID Customer

by ILOG, IncApr 01, 2008

The Market in Financial Instrument Directive (MiFID), a far-reaching piece of European legislation, is aimed at creating a unified European capital market and providing strong protection for investors. Everyone in the financial community offering investment services in Europe must conform to the MiFID provisions as enacted by the governing regulator. Of the new requirements, ILOG's Business Rule Management System (BRMS) is especially helpful in the following areas: Client classification, Suitability and appropriateness tests, and Best Execution. As the market develops under these new regulations, execution venues will appear and disappear and rules governing those policies will have to be reviewed frequently, redefined or supplemented. MiFID also requires that these rules be transparent and fully auditable to ensure the firm's best execution policy has been achieved for every transaction.

Whitepaper: Samsung Life Insurance - Fighting Fraud with ILOG JRules

by ILOG, IncApr 01, 2008

Samsung Life Insurance is fighting back with a new insurance fraud detection system based on ILOG JRules, the market-leading ILOG business rule management system (BRMS). The Insurance Fraud Detection System (IFDS) spots fraud fast, shortening the inspection time for processing 10,000 claims from two weeks to just one day.

Whitepaper: Before & After: Quantifying Business Rule Results in Key Banking Applications

by ILOG, IncDec 01, 2007

Streamlining lending processes is crucial as pressures mount to minimize credit risks, reduce spending, and increase customer acquisition and retention rates. Financial services firms have shown some of the most dramatic, reliable gains for agile operations, profitability, and new growth with the use of Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS), often in the context of Business Process Management (BPM) projects, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) initiatives, and/or commercial Loan Origination System (LOS) upgrades. BRMS plays a key role going paperless, speeding lending decisions, eliminating the hard coding of business policies that change quickly, promoting customer on-boarding, and generating maximum customer lifetime value. In this paper, five actual BRMS deployments are reviewed in a �before and after� format for these credit and lending applications: pre-qualification, best fit loan recommendation and selection, commercial loan approvals, automated underwriting, and credit card account management.

Research Report: The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA): now and into the future

by ILOG, IncDec 01, 2007

Industry analyst Chris Skinner provides an in-depth analysis of the implications of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) initiative for the main European players in payments, and delivers a comprehensive evaluation of the dynamics of the European payments market.

Whitepaper: ILOG and SPSS - Accurate, actionable and auditable solutions

by ILOG, IncNov 01, 2007

The ILOG-SPSS solution enables private companies and public-sector agencies to screen large data volumes, target patterns and profiles, and automate decisions and responses. It supports critical business processes that include background checks, fraud detection, pricing and risk scoring, customer retention and fraud detection as well as internal fraud prevention.

Whitepaper: MiFID: Learn how ILOG BRMS can help

by ILOG, IncOct 01, 2007

Much of Europe�s financial community will have to abide by the new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). These regulations not only protect investors, but give financial institutions guidance in doing business across borders. For most businesses, MiFID could both represent a threat and an opportunity. Non-compliance costs will be high, and a badly executed compliance project could prove over-costly, but MiFID could also create new opportunities (e.g., loss of concentration rule and extended passport) and guide firms towards more efficient operations. Advanced preparation could decide who wins and who loses in the process. ILOG has specialized in delivering cutting-edge business rule management systems (BRMSs) used widely in banking and finance to ensure compliance with regulations and corporate policies. Any organisation looking to automate its systems for processing transactions and implementing policy need only turn to ILOG or one of its many partners for the right custom BRMS-based solution.

Whitepaper: Fraud Prevention and Detection for Credit and Debit Card Transactions

by ILOG, IncSep 01, 2007

Over the past 20 years, financial institutions, governments, insurers and retailers have seen an explosion in the amount and types of fraud perpetrated against them. This white paper takes a closer look at card fraud and examines business rules-based fraud prevention and detection.

Whitepaper: 15 Days to One: How to Cut Commercial Loan Approval Time by 93%

by ILOG, IncSep 01, 2007

A comprehensive integrated solution to streamline, automate and manage the complexities of Commercial Lending processes must include the following enabling technologies: BRMS - Business Rules Management System BPM � Business Process Management ECM - Enterprise Content Management This presentation explains how to leverage them to cut commercial loan approval time.

Research Report: Business Process Management with a Competitive Edge

by ILOG, IncJun 01, 2007

Automating business processes is not the current IT trend or marketing buzz in the software industry. Rather, it is a fundamental strategy employed by those who plan to stay in the game in the long run. It is what allows companies to remain competitive by reducing cycle time in business value development, delivery and support.