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GigaSpaces Technologies is a leading provider of a scale-out application server for Java, .Net and C++ environments. The GigaSpaces middleware is a single product that handles data, business logic and messaging -- and utilizes industry-standard APIs and an open source stack to provide a complete application infrastructure solution. With GigaSpaces, applications can be easily built for scalability, reliability and high-performance in distributed environments, such as SOA, clusters, grids and cloud computing.

GigaSpaces' customers include leading organizations in financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and the Internet, where the need for mission-critical high-performance, reliability and scalability necessitates an alternative to traditional approaches. GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and has offices worldwide.

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Demo: Excel That Scales - Flash Demo

by GigaSpaces TechnologiesFeb 01, 2008

An 8min flash demo of the joint Microsoft-GigaSpaces Excel solution for high end users in financial services. Excel That Scales� is a joint Microsoft-GigaSpaces solution designed to improve availability, reliability and performance for high-end Excel users. GigaSpaces-Excel integration involves two phases: 1. Leverages the GigaSpaces� In-Memory-Data-Grid to move the data from the Traders� desktop to the data center and access it at in-memory speeds. 2. Similarly, moves the logic from the worksheets to run (in parallel) closer to the data.

Whitepaper: Excel That Scales - Solution Brief

by GigaSpaces TechnologiesJan 15, 2008

In the Financial Services industry, high-end Excel-based applications require the ability to handle large volumes of data and process it very fast. Traders� spreadsheets end up with huge amounts of data, running extremely complex calculations. This results in lost productivity due to overloading of the desktop CPU, long processing time and frequent crashes. Collaboration between multiple Excel users and the ability to scale becomes virtually impossible. This solution brief describes a joint Microsoft-GigaSpaces solution called Excel That Scales, which was designed to improve availability, reliability and performance for high-end Excel users.

Whitepaper: High Performance Excel-Based Applications in Financial Services

by GigaSpaces TechnologiesAug 20, 2007

This paper describes a comprehensive solution based on Microsoft and GigaSpaces technologies that addresses scalability and performance challenges with Excel-based applications in securities and capital markets industry. The solution combines the latest Microsoft technologies, including Office Excel, Excel Services in Office SharePoint Server 2007, User Defined Functions, and Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 with GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform to deliver unparalleled usability, performance, and scalability.