Enigmatec is the leader in IT Process Automation (Run Book Automation) solutions for today's mission-critical, virtualized IT environments. Founded by industry-leading pioneers with proven reputations for delivering enterprise-class software, our mission is to deliver best-in-class automation solutions that reduce the complexity, cost, and challenge of IT operations throughout the enterprise, from the business unit to the entire data center. Our vision is to be a core technology provider for the next generation data center, one in which flexible, self-service, on-demand IT infrastructure is a reality. We have a global reach, with offices in London and New York, and count global leaders in the financial services and telecommunications industry among our distinguished clients.

Founded in 2002 to commercialize advanced distributed-systems research from Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities, Enigmatec is backed by Amadeus Capital Partners, Intel Capital, Pentech Ventures and Herald Ventures.

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Whitepaper: Automating the Virtual IT Lifecycle: Delivering Compliance, Command and Control with Process Automation

by EnigmatecSep 12, 2008

There is a shift occurring in the way many organizations view their IT operations. The new focus is on the customer's perspective of IT's contribution to the business, whether the customer is a development team, internal business unit, or external customer or partner. This shift is significant for IT organizations, as it forces them to think of themselves more as service providers than support teams. This discipline is termed IT Service Management (ITSM), and it's distinction from traditional

Whitepaper: Automated Disaster Recovery for the Virtualized Datacenter - Delivering a Real-Time Infrastructure with Process Automation

by EnigmatecJul 15, 2008

According to process improvement guru Geary Rummler, any "organization is only as good as its processes." This is particularly true in the rapidly-changing and mission critical area of run-time IT operations, where even short-term failures can mean big-ticket business losses.

As the data center becomes highly virtualized, and more and more business applications require near-continuous availability, the demand for faster, easier, and less expensive recovery solutions has never been