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Blue Frog Solutions (, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a leading technology solutions provider and business processing outsourcing (BPO) firm that focuses on the life, annuities and long-term care market. Blue Frog automates both front and back end business processes between Carriers and Distributors with a focus on compliance to create automated business process efficiencies. Blue Frog's solutions are based on the firm's flagship ADMServer Framework software suite. As one of the largest providers of ACORD-based transactions and access to DTCC solutions, Blue Frog currently provides ADMServer solutions to more than 60 percent of the top 40 life and annuity companies and many of the largest distributors in the U.S.

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Whitepaper: MIB Administrator Module

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 07, 2007

Blue Frog Solutions' MIB Administrator Module supports all ACORD messaging with MIB. The new module, which attaches to life insurance carriers� back office mainframe administration systems, makes it easy for life insurance carriers to connect to, request and receive information, as well as reply back to MIB with new underwriting information. The module uses ACORD standards, making it quick and easy to implement the new data feeds.

Whitepaper: ADMServer™ Compliance Solution™

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 01, 2007

The ADMServer� Compliance Solution� from Blue Frog Solutions equips financial services firms with a reliable and easy-to-use solution for creating an enterprise compliance warehouse and system strategy to deliver the most critical compliance applications and reporting. The solutions allows for sufficient customization and can leverage data mining and integrate with advanced business intelligence tools that support trend analysis and reporting. The ADMServer� Compliance Solution� helps financial services organizations ensure that they meet regulatory compliance by providing a higher degree of accountability and data visibility.

Whitepaper: ADMServer™ Annuity Product Comparison Utility™

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 01, 2007

The ADMServer� Annuity Product Comparison Utility� (PCU) from Blue Frog Solutions is an easy-to-use Web-based reporting tool that allows Annuity Sales Representatives to perform side-by-side comparisons of annuity product information and features. PCU gives your Sales Representatives a powerful and effective way to visually compare products for both fixed and variable annuities from insurance carriers with which you have selling agreements. By using the ADMServer� Annuity Product Comparison Utility�, Sales Representatives can get an in-depth knowledge of your product matrix and be in a position to offer optimal investment and retirement solutions to your clients.

Whitepaper: BLUE FROG SOLUTIONS Annuity Replacement Evaluator

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 01, 2007

Newly approved FINRA Rule 2821 requires Financial Advisors to perform an extensive analysis of fees and benefits when recommending replacement of existing in-force (�like for like�) annuity contract. The new rule will require the FA to obtain a copy of the existing contract and compare its features against those of the new product being recommended and to provide the client with a side-by-side comparison of the existing and proposed replacement contracts. The newly required analysis provides additional peace of mind to all parties � for the Firm and the FA by providing compliance documentation and a paper trail that can avoid arbitration and E&O claims � and for the client by ensuring that documented suitability analysis has been completed before an existing VA is replaced. Until today, producing reliable annuity exchange comparisons has been very challenging. The Annuity Replacement Evaluator� (ARE) from Blue Frog Solutions is a web-based solution that allows your Financial Representatives to compare and print Annuity Replacement Evaluations derived from a combination of surrendered contract data entered by the FA and up-to-date annuity new business product information provided by Insurance Carriers, satisfying provisions of Rule 2821.

Whitepaper: Blue Frog's ADMServer for IPS Connectivity Module

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 01, 2007

The ADMServer for IPS Connectivity Module is a component of the ADMServer suite that quickly and efficiently connects our clients to The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation's (DTCC) Insurance Processing Service (IPS). This new application was built to allow for fast implementation, easy maintenance, ease of adding new transactions or transaction partners, and re-use of data extracts. DTCC's IPS for annuity and life insurance products automates and centralizes processing, money settlement, and electronic communications linking insurance carriers with broker/dealers, and banks.

Whitepaper: Blue Frog Solutions ADMServer Product Profile administration tool

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 01, 2007

The ADMServer Product Profile administration tool is a module of the full ADMServer suite. The PPFA Administration Tool is designed to allow Carriers to load and manage all of their product and sales rules (including Product, Fund, Rider, and Commission information) in a single location managed and controlled by your business analysts, not your technical staff. Product Profile Administrator allows you to query the information in the database or update other internal systems automatically; in addition it translates the data into a valid ACORD XML Schema, and other proprietary formats such as Raymond James PCA format. The Product Profile Administrator also has a distribution and communication capability that allows you to easily configure ADMServer to manage and automate communications and data transfers directly to Agents, Carriers, Fund Managers, Vendors, or other business partners via FTP, SMTP, HTTP, SOAP or a simple E-Mail.

Whitepaper: Blue Frog Solutions New Business Administrator

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 01, 2007

The New Business Administrator is an ADMServer application developed by Blue Frog Solutions to address business-to-business messaging for new business applications for life insurance and annuities. In addition to the ACORD New Business for Annuity (NBfA) and New Business for Life (NBfL) messages, the solution supports a number of proprietary electronic applications including DTCC APP/SUB format, Raymond James PCA format and others. The ADMServer New Business Administrator Module provides Carriers with out-of-the-box support for all popular formats and can easily support any custom or proprietary format. All inbound formats are converted to the Carrier's preferred single format for in-house processing, eliminating the need for the back office to interact with multiple formats.

Whitepaper: Blue Frog's Affirm for Annuities

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 01, 2007

Affirm� for Annuities is a "Compliance & Order Management" system designed to integrate a carrier's complex product rules with a distributor's compliance processing to generate transactions that are "in good order". Compliant applications are then electronically submitted to carriers for processing after successfully passing all supervisory reviews required by the distributor.

Whitepaper: STREAMLINE ANNUITY PROCESSING with Blue Frog's AFFIRM™ Advantage

by Blue Frog SolutionsOct 01, 2007

Blue Frog's AFFIRM� for Annuities solution is a "Compliance & Order Management" system designed to integrate Carrier's complex product rules with a Distributor's compliance processing to generate annuity new business transactions that are "In Good Order." AFFIRM�Advantage is a simplified version of AFFIRM� designed specifically for smaller Banks and Broker/Dealers that offers you the same efficiency, consistency, suitability, compliance and supervision of your larger competitors in a package tailored just for you.