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Clearwater Analytics provides leading web-based, investment portfolio reporting and analytics for institutional investors, investment managers, custody banks, and electronic trading portals. With solutions for both separately-managed and commingled accounts, Clearwater Analytics delivers the highest level of portfolio transparency available on the market today. Launched in 2003, with offices in New York and Boise, Idaho, Clearwater Analytics reports on $500 billion in assets for 2,500 institutional investors.

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Whitepaper: CopperPoint - Overcoming More Than Just Everyday Investment Accounting Challenges

by Clearwater AnalyticsMay 16, 2014

As the premier provider of workers' compensation insurance for Arizona businesses and organizations, CopperPoint has nearly 25,000 workers' compensation policyholders, representing more than 30 percent of the market in Arizona. CopperPoint needed a new investment accounting solution that could handle multiple reporting bases; provide a complete view of the portfolio; streamline accounting; unify a disparate set of systems and tools; simplify regulatory tracking; and ultimately deliver scalability in its investment and accounting operations.

The insurer turned to Clearwater to meet these needs and more. "We went from being a non-federal, tax-paying entity so we had to make big changes to our investment portfolio and to our accounting processes," said Chad Welborn, CopperPoint's Chief Investment Officer. "Clearwater has allowed me to know the next day what's going on in the portfolio. It's really enhanced my ability to manage everything more effectively."

Whitepaper: The Advantages of Modernizing Investment Accounting and Reporting for Insurers eBook

by Clearwater AnalyticsMay 01, 2014

This eBook highlights a fresh approach to investment portfolio accounting, regulatory reporting and analysis-one that centers on using a Software-as-a-Service model as the new industry standard. It focuses on the challenges insurers face with regard to investment portfolio accounting and reporting, and a discussion of the advantages of a web-based solution. It also features short case studies highlighting insurers who have outsourced investment accounting and reporting, and realized dramatic improvements.

It's Time for a Fresh Approach to Investment Accounting and Reporting Challenges. Sound investment portfolio management is a critical contributor to an insurer's financial stability and profitability, yet it is a function that faces burgeoning challenges in the form of advancing technology, the accelerated pace of business and a volatile global economic system. To be prepared to react to potential financial crises, rapidly evolving regulatory compliance demands and more financially nimble competition, insurance investment managers and CIOs need updated investment information at their fingertips. This requires new standards of consistency and transparency in order to achieve greater speed, agility and scalability. The complexity and uncertainty of today's financial markets have put tremendous pressure on the teams responsible for managing investment portfolios and the functions associated with them.

Whitepaper: Four Imperatives for Establishing Investment Accounting and Reporting Best Practices

by Clearwater AnalyticsMay 01, 2014

More than ever, accounting and finance professionals operate within a very complex world. Accounting rules change. Markets swing. Prices move. Credit ratings shift overnight. Auditors scrutinize. At the same time, Boards must be briefed and they expect all portfolio data to be accurate-at their convenience. With growing investment balances across the industry, it's imperative that the relevant stakeholders have access to automated, consolidated investment information that is actionable and timely.

This white paper outlines four imperatives that accounting and finance professionals should adopt in order to have a consolidated, transparent view of their investment portfolio. This guide will help accounting and treasury teams establish and implement a framework for investment accounting and reporting best practices that will help them react to market moves, senior management questions, accounting rules, auditor inquiries, and to make intelligent investment decisions. By following a best practices framework, accounting and finance professionals are free to focus on more strategic initiatives that can greatly improve their collective ability to stay ahead of any potential threat to the portfolio.

Whitepaper: Group Health -The Big Picture: When Group Health Cooperative Changed Its Investment Approach, It Looked For An Automated, Integrated and Consolidated Solution

by Clearwater AnalyticsMay 01, 2014

When Group Health Cooperative (GHC) changed its investment approach, it looked for an automated, integrated and consolidated solution. Since adopting Clearwater's automated accounting, compliance, performance and risk reporting and analytics system, GHC has been able to free up resources for performing more strategic tasks, rather than focusing on clerical duties, such as aggregating and reconciling data from custody, credit rating agencies and the NAIC. By rolling up all of GHC's investment portfolio data into a single source, its treasury and accounting teams would be able to look at the same information -from any location-for any future inquiries or investigations. And because Clearwater performs its reconciliation daily on a web-based system supported by dedicated account managers, GHC wouldn't have to wait until month-end to determine their exposures in the event of any future market instability.

"Clearwater is not just a treasury solution or an accounting solution, but a complete finance solution," said Myers. "Thankfully, they offer the same level of automation, transparency and immediacy for insurers that they've providing for their corporate clients."

Video: Clearwater for Insurers - Every Insurer Needs 5 Things Video

by Clearwater AnalyticsMay 01, 2014

Every insurer needs 5 things to solve their investment accounting and reporting challenges. Learn about the 5 things, and what Clearwater, can do for you.

Webcast: Risky Business for Insurers Managing Portfolio Risk for an Enterprise Risk Management Strategy

by Clearwater AnalyticsSep 01, 2011

Investment professionals tasked with managing an increasingly important investment portfolio must protect the company from financial risk, a key component of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy. Doing so has become more difficult, especially during periods of market instability. Chief Investment Officers (CIOs) need to know risk exposure immediately, not only at month- or quarter-end.

Join Jim Krygier, Chief Investment Officer at The Warranty Group, Deb Smallwood, Founder of Strategy Meets Action, and Scott Erickson, Director of Product Management at Clearwater Analytics as they share strategies for helping insurers successfully implement Financial Risk Management as part of their overall ERM strategy.

During this web seminar the following topics will be discussed:

� Approaches for tackling the complexities of Financial Risk Management

� Using technology to speed the process of assessing risk exposure, particularly during periods of market instability

� Strategies for readying your organization for regulatory reform requirements

Webcast: Integration is the New Innovation - The Evolution of Investment Reporting

by Clearwater AnalyticsSep 01, 2011

The Evolution of Investment Reporting for Insurers

For decades, insurance companies have struggled with legacy software systems and cumbersome manual processes in order to create a comprehensive picture of their investment portfolios. These efforts frequently fall short with regard to accuracy, timeliness and actionable information. In April 2009, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) gave further credence to these insurance company struggles by quantifying the decades-long challenge in a research report titled "Strengthening Governance, Risk, and Compliance in the Insurance Industry."

Join our featured presenters for a roundtable discussion of the investment reporting challenges facing insurance companies today and solutions to address those challenges:

� Dan Armstrong - Senior Editor, Industry & Management Research, Americas, The Economist

� Bret Myers - Assistant Treasurer and Head of Investments, Group Health Cooperative

� Jen Overhulse-King - Principal Owner, St. Nick Media

� Courty Gates - CEO, Clearwater

During this web seminar the following topics will be discussed:

� Comparing your organization's challenges to other insurance companies, as surveyed by The Economist

• Comparing your organization�s challenges to other insurance companies, as surveyed by The Economist

• Investment reporting from Group Health's perspective

• Evaluating the tradeoffs between a single integrated solution and integration of multiple solutions

Whitepaper: Implementing a Superior Strategy for Insurance Investment Reporting

by Clearwater AnalyticsSep 01, 2011

Insurers using an Integrated by Design investment portfolio reporting system delivered as an outsourced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution realize advantages unmatched by disparate, on-premise systems reliant on middleware and manual processes. This demand for timely, accurate, actionable portfolio information delivered in an easy-to-consume manner has exposed the shortcomings of installed, legacy systems and the manual processes that accompany them. Turmoil in the financial markets in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage crisis has intensified the need for investment portfolio transparency for key constituents (i.e. senior management, the investment team, treasury, accounting, financial reporting, and tax units) in insurance companies.

Systems for monitoring, managing, and reporting on financial assets are mission-critical, particularly in a volatile investment environment. Yet, far too many insurers rely on legacy systems that are outdated, expensive to maintain, limited in portfolio visibility, ineffective for assessing risk exposure in a timely fashion, and heavily reliant on time-consuming, error-prone manual reconciliation.

"While insurers have become very comfortable with many tools and technologies within operational silos, the industry at large has not invested in the capabilities needed to correlate all of its risk exposures and track their interdependencies." The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey 2009.

This white paper will examine the investment reporting challenges facing insurance companies today and offer pragmatic solutions to address those challenges and transform business processes.