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Whitepaper: High-Performance Grid Computing for Financial Services: Get the advantages of grid computing the easy way with Infrastructure-as-a-Service

by SavvisNov 26, 2012

In the financial services industry, success often depends on timely reaction to market shifts and minimizing the time to assess current positions and make decisions. High Performance Computing (aka Grid Computing) delivers computing power and speed, helping financial institutions to accelerate innovation and improve business success by delivering fast transactions and analyses, even when those involve processing large data volumes.

This white paper discusses the benefits of leveraging a specialized Infrastructure as a Service provider to implement Grid solutions, over the costs and complexity of attempting to build your own.

Whitepaper: Cloud RFP Template

by SavvisOct 10, 2012

Whitepaper: Gartner Case Study: Securing the Cloud

by SavvisOct 01, 2012

Security is one of the top concerns facing an enterprise moving data to the cloud. This case study, published by analyst firm Gartner* details the lessons learned by a financial services early adopter of cloudbursting to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

*Case Study: Securing the Cloud by John Pescatore, Gartner, Inc. May 3, 2012

Whitepaper: 2012 Global IT Leadership Report

by SavvisOct 01, 2012

Find out what's on the minds of 550 global executives as they prepare IT strategy for 2013. This in-depth report, commissioned by Savvis, is based on independent research conducted by Vanson Bourne, and shares the key learnings and strategies of the execs, including their 2013 goals, attitudes, issues and potential solutions.

Whitepaper: Cloud Harmony's Performance Cloud Benchmarking

by SavvisOct 01, 2012

In the cloud, performance matters. Based on Cloud Harmony's benchmark methodology and report developed in June of 2012, Cisco developed this whitepaper for enterprises evaluating public cloud services.

The report summarizes the results of the independent study of CPU, memory, storage, encryption and interpreted language performance between leading cloud service providers.

Whitepaper: Seven Things to Look for in a Colocation Provider

by SavvisOct 01, 2012

This whitepaper, "Seven Things to Look for in a Colocation Provider" by Bryan Doerr, Chief Technology Officer, Savvis, will help guide you through what you need to know when looking for a colocation provider, including the following:

•   Data center vs. colocation service, know what you're
•   Know the three types of colocation providers
•   Know the seven things to look for in a provider

Whitepaper: Leverage the Value Locked Up in "Big Data"

by SavvisApr 26, 2012

Financial services firms are increasingly facing the challenge of "Big Data": unprecedented quantities of structured and unstructured data stored in a variety of systems and formats. Though "big" might mean different things to different firms, all companies report that more data is coming in all the time from disparate systems.

Several issues stand in the way of financial services firms making optimal use of the data they gather - e.g. regulatory requirements, data privacy, organizational inflexibility, cross-border transfers, etc. - but most of the reasons preventing organizations from leveraging their data are technical, and include the sheer volume and variety of data as well as the velocity, flexibility, security and resources required to manipulate it.

This white paper discusses these issues and includes use cases that show how partnering with innovators can open new opportunities.

Savvis frees your firm to focus on coming up with the strategic questions Big Data can answer, and on identifying and responding swiftly to the opportunities that your analysis of Big Data reveals. So seize this opportunity: talk to Savvis today and we'll work with you to map out an infrastructure solution that can help your business make the most of the market potential and challenges Big Data presents to your firm.

Whitepaper: Trading Ecosystems: Meeting the Challenges of Today's Fragmented Liquidity Markets

by SavvisMay 19, 2010

Trading ´┐Żecosystems´┐Ż offer an attractive solution to the challenges raised by liquidity fragmentation, regulatory change and technology innovation. Such ecosystems bring together liquidity points, content, services, and IT infrastructure to enable successful execution of the entire trading lifecycle. They allow trading firms to shift the burden of technology acquisition, maintenance, and management over to specialists, while supporting critical pre-trade, trade execution, and post-trade activities so they can focus on their core businesses, improve operational efficiencies while lowering TCO and more rapidly enter new markets.

This white paper describes the constituent parts of these trading ecosystems, the business benefits delivered to respective market participants, and the questions to be asked in order to differentiate between various solutions in the market.