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Webcast: Charting the future of efficient energy production and usage

by IntelMay 29, 2015

The energy industry finds itself facing a range of transformational developments, from fluctuating demand and the generation decentralization, to system integration and the Internet of Things. Automation specialist B&R and Intel are helping the energy industry, and system integrators that serve them, respond and make the most of new opportunities. In this webinar, we will explore: Energy issues spanning security, predictive modeling and calculations, and future-proof scalability? Achieving

Whitepaper: Now Is the Time to Upgrade to 10 Gigabit Ethernet

by IntelMay 01, 2014

What is causing users to broadly adopt 10GbE now? This white paper examines the key technology and market forces driving the need for 10GbE server virtualization, as well as three key trends easing the transition, including tumbling deployment costs.

Whitepaper: Cutting Costs and Complexity

by IntelMay 01, 2014

Hansa Metallwerke AG, a German manufacturer, upgraded and standardized both LAN and storage communications on Intel Ethernet 10 Gigabit Converged Network Adapters. Results include lower network costs, and increased performance and flexibility.

Whitepaper: Game-Changing Capability for Your Data Center - and a Solid Foundation for Your Cloud

by IntelMay 01, 2014

Explores the challenges, benefits, and technologies for transitioning legacy infrastructure and business processes to cloud. Solutions include Intel Xeon processor E5, Microsoft Windows Server, and Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapters.

Whitepaper: Powerful Relief for Data Center Pain Points

by IntelMay 01, 2014

Addresses datacenter performance challenges caused by persistent bottlenecks, high latency, and slow I/O. This brief describes a comprehensive storage and networking solution from Intel and Nexenta.

Webcast: Inside the Brackets: Episode 3

by IntelOct 04, 2013

Episode 3: The Right Tool For the JobWhat should you consider as you choose the right tools for your app development work?and avoid the common pitfalls and perils in tool selection? Go inside the brackets with Abe Elias of Sencha, Nolan Wright of Appcelerator, Kevin Smith of Intel, and Doug Schepers of the W3C as we dig into tools and resources for app developers. Then stick around to ask these panelists your tough questions!?After registering, enter password "HTML5" to join the event on

Webcast: HTML5 Roundtable Series: Inside the Brackets

by IntelAug 29, 2013

______________________________________________________HTML5 Roundtable Series: Inside the BracketsJoin us for a series of short roundtable discussions to explore the opportunities, challenges and best practices of cross-platform HTML5 development. Hear directly from industry analysts, the W3C, Intel, and other experts.? Go and get an insider?s view of HTML5.EPISODE 2: HTML5 VS. NATIVE: WHO WINS? Our panelists tackle the debate between HTML5 and native code to decide which builds the better

Whitepaper: Altair Speeds Complex Simulation and Workload Management with the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

by IntelMay 31, 2013

With a sophisticated customer base for whom performance, reliability, safety, and innovation are mission critical, Altair is committed to supporting the most up-to-date, advanced computing architectures. For this reason, Altair joined Intel early on in its development of the Intel® Many Integrated Core (MIC) and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor.

This gave Altair a head start in integrating the new technologies into its products and investigating ways to improve performance,

Whitepaper: Consumerization of IT: Find the Right Device for the Job

by IntelMay 13, 2013

Consumerization is driving increased technology choice, and users are in the driver's seat. IT organizations must find a way to provide the mobility and flexibility that users want with the security that business requires. As a strategic partner in the business, you can offer innovative technology choices to your employees based on the roles they have in your organization. These choices can deliver an improved user-centric experience and help maintain the technology standards needed for