Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) is a leading provider of virtual computing solutions that help people work and play from anywhere on any device. More than 230,000 enterprises rely on Citrix to create better ways for people, IT and business to work through virtual meetings, desktops and datacenters. Citrix virtualization, networking and cloud solutions deliver over 100 million corporate desktops and touch 75 percent of Internet users each day. Citrix partners with over 10,000 companies in 100 countries. Annual revenue in 2010 was $1.87 billion.

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Infographic: The New World of Banking

by CitrixJun 01, 2016

Is your bank ready for the new world? Download this infographic and learn which priorities and challenges affecting bank executives today.

Whitepaper: Secure App and Data Delivery for a Mobile Financial Services Workforce

by CitrixJun 01, 2016

Mobility can enable greater productivity for financial services organizations and open new channels to customers within the branch and beyond -- but it also brings complications for IT. With a strategic and secure digital workplace, financial institutions can respond faster to compliance mandates, cybersecurity threats, and consumer and employee demands.
In this whitepaper, learn how applications of all types can be delivered to mobile employees on all their devices without compromising their user experiences.

Whitepaper: Rising Value, Falling cost: App and Desktop Virtualization for Financial Services

by CitrixJun 01, 2016

As vendors battle for market share, costs are falling for every part of the desktop virtualization architecture. Meanwhile, desktop virtualization technology itself is advancing quickly. It enables business mobility and delivers the security and flexibility that financial services organizations need to thrive, including ensuring business continuity, supporting employee flex work programs, and onboarding new, remote or temporary workforce quickly.

This whitepaper discusses how desktop virtualization advancements can lead to cost savings.

Whitepaper: Remote Access for Financial Services Success

by CitrixJun 01, 2016

As mobile workstyles transform the way financial services institutions work, remote access has become more important than ever. In enabling financial advisors, agents, brokers and other employees to work anywhere, on any device, financial services organizations need to meet IT requirements for security, compliance and manageability -- but it's just as important to consider the employee experience.
In this whitepaper, learn simple, secure ways to deliver a productive user experience.

Whitepaper: Deliver Enterprise Mobility with Citrix XenMobile and Citrix NetScaler

by CitrixJun 04, 2015

As the growth of mobility continues, a scalable infrastructure is essential for supporting the new demands placed on the corporate network. This white paper reveals how Citrix XenMobile along with Citrix NetScaler helps solve key IT challenges around security of end user devices, scalability to cope with increasing growth of devices, visibility of the application and network traffic, and automation of configuring end user devices. The end-to-end Citrix mobility solution simplifies integration and gives IT unified control of the mobile and network infrastructure with robust security and scalable network.

Whitepaper: Putting the Secure in Secure Remote Access

by CitrixJun 04, 2015

IT organizations are under pressure to enable remote access for any user, operating in any location with any type of device, to any type of resource--including enterprise web, mobile, cloud/Saas and client-server applications, hosted desktops and data. This white paper explores core strengths in security that makes Citrix NetScaler an ideal choice for consolidating your remote access infrastructure. In particular, it provides an in-depth overview of security capabilities within NetScaler with Unified Gateway and how it provides end-to-end protection for all aspects of an organization's remote access environment.

Whitepaper: Delivering Secure Remote Access for the Modern Enterprise

by CitrixJun 04, 2015

Providing secure remote access to essential enterprise apps and data has never been more challenging. This white paper examines the evolution of secure remote access requirements and the resulting challenges facing today's IT and Application departments. With Citrix NetScaler, users can obtain reliable, high-definition access to the resources they need wherever, whenever and on whatever device they choose to work, while IT gains a single point of control for maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring the highest levels of security across the enterprise and beyond its borders.

Whitepaper: Consolidate your Secure Remote Access Delivery Infrastructure with One URL

by CitrixJun 04, 2015

This white paper explores the evolution of secure remote access requirements, focusing on the impact of user mobility and the growing adoption of BYOD practices. It also discusses how consolidating multiple access gateways, including mobile-specific gateways and classic SSL VPNs, with Citrix NetScaler with Unified Gateway helps provide One URL for secure remote access while reducing TCO, simplifying IT, strengthening security and ensuring a high-definition experience for both mobile and traditional application users. Learn more about how you can unify your web, client/server, and cloud/SaaS applications into a single gateway solution for a better IT and end-user experience.