Kofax dramatically transforms and simplifies the business critical First Mile of real time, information intensive customer interactions. By making the First Mile smarter, organizations can significantly increase responsiveness to customers, provide a higher level of service, gain competitive advantage and better manage and grow their businesses - while also greatly reducing operating costs. The backbone "systems of record" that run most businesses were never designed to provide the high level of interactive self-service, speed, awareness, collaboration and adaptability today's business demands.

Kofax combines market leading capture, process management, mobile and analytics capabilities to provide "smart process applications." Without needing to modify existing enterprise applications and repositories, smart process applications link them to "systems of engagement" - the ways organizations connect with customers, including mobile, internet portals, fax, email, paper, SMS, face-to-face interactions and social channels.

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Whitepaper: Meeting Customers Where They Are

by KofaxSep 22, 2014

As mobile adoption increases, deploying a platform that supports your customer base across all channels, is essential. And having the tools to create your mobile use case in weeks instead of months is a competitive advantage. Explore the value of a mobile engagement platform that meets your customers where they are with comprehensive, real-time mobile capabilities.

Learn how your organization can build and deploy mobile customer engagement solutions from mobile image capture, mobile data capture to complete mobile process integration - download Meeting Customers Where They Are now.

Whitepaper: Overcoming Challenges in AP Automation

by KofaxSep 22, 2014

Accounts payable automation presents unique challenges. It is characterized by large volumes of data, arriving in different formats and media that must be securely received, accurately interpreted and entered into financial systems. Transactions within the process may require discrepancy resolution, accounting coding, approvals, and settlement.

Automation conquers this disorderly process by unleashing information about every aspect and dimension. Finance can now manage the process to achieve specific outcomes, such as capturing all discounts, paying suppliers on time, meeting commitments on internal service levels and costs, and providing higher value-added services.

Download Overcoming Challenges in AP Automation now and learn how to achieve AP department goals.

Whitepaper: The Top Seven Reasons to Automate Accounts Payable

by KofaxSep 22, 2014

Accounts payable (AP) is a difficult process to manage, yet well worth the effort. While few processes offer such tangible and quick return on an automation investment, many organizations err in judging AP as a low-value activity not worth the expenditure.

The reasons for investing in accounts payable automation are clear and compelling - if you're ready to build your AP automation business case, download The Top Seven Reasons to Automate Accounts Payable now.

Webcast: Building a Better Claims Experience: The Convergence of Mobile and Information Capture

by KofaxNov 14, 2013

When it comes to gaining competitive advantage, insurers no longer are judged only by how efficient they are or how quickly they can process claims (although those capabilities continue to be essential). Building market share increasingly depends on an insurance company’s ability to provide an outstanding customer experience and enhance engagement with policyholders and distributors. This is particularly important in that ultimate insurance “moment of truth” – claims management, where the ability to create a more responsive, accurate and transparent claims experience for customers is a key differentiator.

Today, meeting these demands depends on the ability to capture and manage information that comes from a variety of sources and channels – including the mobile channel that is starting to dominate the ways customers, agents and claims adjusters are interacting with their insurance carriers. For example, mobile has been critical to insurers’ improved ability to respond quickly and accurately to catastrophes such as Superstorm Sandy.

Learn how your organization can seize competitive advantage by harnessing mobility to drive a better claims experience for customers, distributors and carriers at this free, one-hour webcast hosted by Insurance & Technology and Kofax. You’ll hear about the role mobile is playing in helping insurers to streamline and automate the ingestion of critical claims information, enabling teams to process more claims with existing staff levels as well as better manage the ebb and flow of claims processing levels.

  • Transforming claims, and the customer engagement via information capture.
  • Managing all types of claims documents (paper forms and records, faxes, emails, texts, Web downloads, etc.) from all types of channels, including mobile.
  • Driving revenue growth by generating higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention and word of mouth.
  • Reducing overhead and training costs, as well as costs of error correction.
  • Reducing human touchpoints to strengthen data accuracy, security and availability of claims and sensitive customer information.

Whitepaper: Transforming the First Mile: Kofax Customer Onboarding for Financial Services

by KofaxSep 15, 2013

Customer onboarding is one of the most important events in the life cycle of a banking customer, setting the stage for the entire relationship going forward. When an account opening experience is slow or painful, it can leave your customer with a negative impression that may linger for months, eating into future sales and even leading to defections. This is hardly conducive to success in an industry where institutions are working overtime to sign up new customers - and where margins and budgets remain tight

Whitepaper: How to Get Your Capture Driven Project Approved: Get the Most Out Of Your ROI

by KofaxFeb 02, 2012

With capital expenditure requests getting more and more scrutiny and even downright declined out of hand, it is more important than ever to correctly and completely state the entire return on investment on any process improvement or automation project. This white paper will help lines of business owners, business transformation directors, and project managers capture not only the most obvious areas for savings but more importantly, those often overlooked areas for hard and soft dollar savings.

This white paper will detail out gaps in routine processes, sources of over-utilized headcount, redundant processes and resources, and penalties that may accrue as a result of your current, manual processes; just to name a few. The result will be a better defined and more crisply articulated business case with a larger return on investment that will get your project noticed and funded sooner.

Reading this whitepaper you will learn:

� How to identify and articulate the often overlooked areas for savings and improvement

� How to maximize your ROI and get your project funded sooner

Whitepaper: Improving Multi-Channel Customer Experiences

by KofaxDec 28, 2011

Automated capture solutions have strategic implications for insurers in terms of improved multi-channel customer experiences, revenue growth in a soft market, higher responsiveness to regulatory changes, and insightful business intelligence. Hear about these benefits in an exclusive TechWeb podcast featuring Jeff Ballard from Kofax, the industry leader for capture-driven processes.

Whitepaper: Achieving Measurable Gains by Automating Claims Processing

by KofaxDec 16, 2011

For nearly all lines of personal and commercial insurance, reducing the cost of claims processing is key to profitability. Reducing cycle time, the elapsed time from opening a claim to its settlement, is key to customer satisfaction. Moving to a fully automated process is a goal for claims processing of nearly all insurance executives. Companies are at various levels of automation and often do not have an appropriate strategy to achieve higher levels of automation.

This white paper identifies seven levels of claims automation and provides a roadmap that can be followed to enhance claims processing. This straightforward approach can be used to increase the likelihood of successful automation.

Whitepaper: Top 10 Reasons to Automate Your Banking AP Processes

by KofaxDec 01, 2011

Accounts Payables organizations are charged with reducing costs, improving performance, achieving regulatory compliance, increasing visibility and enabling the corporation's strategic initiatives - all at the same time. The fundamental issue is not whether a company should strive for these goals but how well they can be accomplished. This paper will count down the top ten reasons to automate your Banking AP processes and explore the solutions that can be leveraged to reduce costs, strengthen controls, improve service levels and increase visibility.

Whitepaper: Capture and Business Process: Drivers and Experiences of Content-Driven Processes

by KofaxJul 01, 2011

Over the years, we have charted a slow but steady increase in the number of organizations transitioning from basic scanning of paper documents for archive, to the more sophisticated recognition and capture of multi-format content as input to business processes. We have frequently recorded a strong return on investment performance from these scanning and capture projects, but, as evidenced by this year's results, there is a considerable variation in levels of adoption and maturity across this increasingly broad spectrum of activities.

In this report, we set out to measure the investment drivers in more depth, looking at various capture strategies, including outsourcing. We also look at capture integration with key enterprise systems and compare sourcing preferences for business process management (BPM) products and modules.