Whitepaper: Claims Service Differentiates Insurers

by FineosJan 20, 2012

Delivering outstanding claims service centered on policyholders' needs changes customer perceptions in a positive way and boosts the brand. While claims is a "people" business, technology plays a key role in achieving this coveted objective.

Customer-centric claims service can grow your company image with every fulfillment of the promise you made when you wrote the policy. Growing the image also grows the business by retaining good customers and attracting new customers who demand the type of service you provide.

Download this white paper to learn how claims management software can enhance customer service and enhance your brand.

Whitepaper: Transforming Workers' Compensation Claims

by FineosJan 01, 2011

Tough times give rise to innovative solutions. It�s one of history�s enduring lessons. Today�s economy is stringent, and one word describes the outlook for today�s Workers� Compensation insurance market, �guarded.� The economy is plagued by inflation, lagging productivity, immense national debt, a sizable trade deficit, and feeble growth. The country�s labor market has experienced a collapse in private sector wages and salaries, and employment continues to flounder. Workers� Compensation premium growth in a jobless recovery appears flat at best for the foreseeable future.