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Whitepaper: From Vision to Reality: Producing Results with the Automated Document Factory

by Oracle InsuranceJan 01, 2012

Imagine that a regulatory body has implemented a new insurance regulation. In order to comply, you need to remove a certain paragraph from all your documents. How do you know which of your documents use this paragraph? How long does it take you to get this information, and how long does it take to delete the offending paragraph from all documents, correspondence and emails?

New advances in document automation, such as the concept of a document factory, are providing this level of insight and granularity. These advances not only make compliance significantly faster, they can greatly accelerate support for new products, and reduce the time, money and effort involved in producing effective communications.

Whitepaper: Rules for Rules: Bringing Order and Efficiency to the Modern Insurance Enterprise

by Oracle InsuranceJan 01, 2012

The advent of modern, rules-driven IT systems has led to a proliferation of rules throughout the insurance enterprise. While business rules automation has helped improve efficiency, managing burgeoning sets of rules has created new challenges and complexity for insurers. How do you know where to put your rules, and how to manage them? This paper gives P&C insurers a decision framework to help them determine the best ways to manage business rules, enabling them to achieve new clarity, improve operational efficiency and enable true business agility.

Whitepaper: Building the Case for Business Intelligence in the Insurance Industry

by Oracle InsuranceJan 01, 2012

Industry analysts agree that the insurance industry could benefit from better business intelligence. But how do you go about building a solid business case for BI within your company? What factors do you consider, and where do you start?

In this strategy brief, we lay out a framework for how to begin, and include examples of insurance companies that have made the case within their own organizations. Moving beyond traditional ROI measurements, the factors that contribute to achieving value with business intelligence might surprise you.

Whitepaper: No Limits: Enabling Rating Without Constraints

by Oracle InsuranceJan 01, 2012

Rates are at the heart of the insurance business. They determine what products you sell to which customers. To be successful, it's not enough to be the low-cost provider; you have to provide the right product at the right price to the right customer through the optimal channels, whenever the customer is ready to buy.

Technology is key to achieving this goal. New advances in rating engines can lead to highly targeted products that will help insurers write more business and grow their premiums to compete in a fast-changing market. Learn more about the constraints that may be holding insurers back from achieving optimal rating, and explore new technologies that can enable better pricing, more innovative products, and faster time to market.

Whitepaper: Better Business Intelligence for Insurers: Three Ways to Think Differently

by Oracle InsuranceJan 01, 2012

Why are so few insurers able to realize the vision and capture the value of such a promising technology? And if Bl is so beneficial, why aren't more insurers reaping the benefits? In this strategy brief, we look at the underlying factors that make it difficult to implement Bl and suggest three strategies to think differently about insurance data warehouses. By exploring these possibilities, insurance carriers can gain a better understanding of how to mitigate the risks around Bl projects and greatly increase their chances of long-term success.