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Whitepaper: How Leading IT Executives Cut Costs

by CASTMay 29, 2009

CAST recently caught up with Kelly Cannon, former Vice President, Shared Application Services at Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest health care insurers in the U.S. Kelly tells us about the current state of IT in the insurance sector, and how senior IT executives are responding to the tough economic conditions by rapidly delivering business benefits.

Key Topics

    � How IT is transforming the insurance value chain
    � How to identify significant drivers of cost and value in insurance company IT application portfolios
    � How leading CIOs are delivering faster, at lower cost, and higher quality

  • The role of IT is not just to automate business processes � it is to transform them, and enable new strategies for increased business efficiency and revenue. IT makes possible successful new business strategies that would not and could not otherwise exist.

  • The best CIOs know how to take a business strategy and put it into practice in a way that gives their business partners control over the significant revenue and cost levers.

  • You�ll get significant gains if you�re able to objectively and consistently measure the progress made towards completing a software product (as opposed to simply the time spent). You also need to have a good measure of the quality of software delivered. After all, productivity without good quality is a waste, and quality without productivity is costly!