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Webcast: Seamlessly Manage New Accounts

by Perceptive SoftwareOct 05, 2014

Industry regulations have increased customer identification and documentation requirements for banks to open new accounts. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines and reputational risk. Also, customers expect fast, accurate service and may take their business elsewhere if they are dissatisfied with lengthy, cumbersome processes to open an account. This webcast will show you how intelligent capture, document management, workflow and record retention capabilities can be used to simplify and speed new account openings. The result is an accurate, seamless process, happier customers and improved compliance

Whitepaper: Navigating Through the Omnichannel A new generation of banking technology strives to give customers what they want, when they want it, via their channel of choice

by Perceptive SoftwareOct 05, 2014

Omnichannel banking is defined as offering both in-person and virtual channels to deliver a consistent, seamless customer experience, and it's a hot topic in the industry. From a branch office with a lobby, drive-through and ATM to the digital domain of websites, tablets and smartphones, bank customers expect a flawless experience at each and every one of these touch points. In order to compete, financial institutions need to determine how to seamlessly deliver an omnichannel experience, and give customers what they want, when they want it, via whatever channel they want it. Read this special report to find out how you can easily integrate solutions with your core banking system to deliver on your bank's omnichannel strategy.

Whitepaper: The Compliance Challenge for Financial Institutions
The critical role of process and content management in addressing regulatory requirements.

by Perceptive SoftwareOct 04, 2014

Governmental regulation is an ever-increasing fact of life for financial institutions. Driven by corporate scandals, natural disasters, financial collapse, global unrest, environmental concerns and public demand for information privacy (or in some cases, disclosure), the regulatory pressure on today's businesses continues to increase. The reality of such ever-increasing government mandates has made the search for cost-effective ways to comply with growing regulatory requirements more urgent than ever. This whitepaper describes how process and content management technology can facilitate compliance while offering the potential of increased organizational efficiency and profitability.

Whitepaper: Leaky Risk: Hidden Losses that Cost Insurance Companies Money

by Perceptive SoftwareApr 01, 2014

Your organization may be at risk because of issues that aren't on your radar but offer significant exposure."Leaky" Risk: Hidden Losses that Cost Insurance Companies Money, offers an industry veteran's perspective on how to identify potentially troublesome areas and use process and content management technology to mitigate the risk

Whitepaper: Top 5 Ways Process and Content Management Helps Insurers Increase Profitability

by Perceptive SoftwareApr 01, 2014

Discover how improved processes and better information access impact on your profits. 5 Ways Process and Content Management Helps Insurers Increase Profitability highlights how to get a handle on the complex, document-intensive processes that drive your business.

Whitepaper: Insurers Gain New Insights with Integrated Process and Content Management

by Perceptive SoftwareJul 10, 2012

Most insurance companies realize that their IT infrastructure is one of their most valuable assets. The question is: How can they leverage these systems to improve how they acquire and retain customers, manage risk, attain regulatory compliance and optimize business processes?

The answer is to invest in technologies, such as enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM), business intelligence (BI) platforms and analytical tools.

Whitepaper: ImageNow for Insurance: Speeding & Simplifying Line-of-Business and Administrative Processes

by Perceptive SoftwareMar 01, 2008

This wide-reaching catalog illustrates how ImageNow meets the enterprise-wide needs of today�s insurance market. From claims processing to policy services to AP and HR, customers worldwide use ImageNow to speed and simplify line-of-business and administrative processes alike, and this booklet explains how. ImageNow integrates with existing to deliver supporting documents � everything from policy applications to first notices of loss to invoices � with just a single click, directly from the software applications employees use daily. Instead of navigating a mass of paperwork, staff members can quickly and securely route documents electronically through ImageNow Workflow. In addition to meeting the functionality needs of insurance customers ImageNow also supports disaster planning and compliance initiatives, extends the value of existing technology and, most importantly, enables users to serve customers more effectively. Whether starting as a single-department solution and expanding as the budget allows or deploying document management enterprise-wide right away, customers find that ImageNow delivers rapid and lasting return on investment. Perceptive Software�s unique business model enables users to get up and running quickly and empowers them to manage their ImageNow project in-house. This unique approach minimizes total cost of ownership.

Whitepaper: Bankers Insurance Improves Disaster Recovery and Gains Efficiency by Replacing Paper Documents with Electronic Versions

by Perceptive SoftwareJan 15, 2007

With headquarters in Florida, Bankers Insurance Group is in an area prone to hurricanes and flooding. Company administrators decided that paper records were too vulnerable, and opted to replace them with electronic versions managed in ImageNow. ImageNow supports Bankers� disaster recovery plan by securely storing all documentation related to any claim or policy on the ImageNow server. WebNow, the browser-based complement to ImageNow, extends ImageNow functionality to any location and ensures documents are accessible to authorized users in eight departments at any time. Bankers did not need to modify its existing business processes in order to use ImageNow, but found that ImageNow provided opportunities to streamline processes. When Bankers receives any document, it is immediately scanned into ImageNow and linked to the corresponding record in the business system. Rather than shuffle paper documents from desk to desk, processors use ImageNow Workflow to electronically route documents to each other. ImageNow eliminates the need to search for documents, allowing employees in the organization and its subsidiaries to bring up customer records instantly. This instant access leads to better customer service, and the claims department has substantially reduced the need to use inter-office forms to request documents. �The ability to access documents in ImageNow at a click of a button greatly increases our ability to provide quality customer service,� says William Montefusco, project manager at Bankers. An additional benefit is the $25,000 annual storage cost savings achieved by converting paperwork to electronic versions.

Whitepaper: AmFed Gains 16-month ROI with ImageNow Automated Workflow Technology

by Perceptive SoftwareJan 15, 2006

As AmFed, the fastest growing provider of insurance in Mississippi, expanded, it was inundated by 2.4 million documents. AmFed chose ImageNow to better manage processes in the utilization management, claims, accounts payable and underwriting departments. Since deployment, ImageNow has delivered $2.5 million cost savings, and a 16-month payback on investment. Seamless integration between ImageNow and AmFed�s multiple insurance and business applications gives AmFed employees instant, single-click access to any detail in insureds� files, enabling them to answer customer queries immediately. ImageNow has also elevated productivity by replacing cumbersome, paper-based processes with automated workflow, which enables users to electronically route documents between offices without the risk of misplacement that paper posed. For example, AmFed uses ImageNow Workflow to speed the issuance of homeowner insurance policies. Underwriters process applications and forward them to a manager�s approval queue or quote pending queue. When AmFed is ready to issue a policy, documentation is sent to one of several company queues assigned to AmFed and its insurance partners. The policy is then issued and routed to the complete queue. WebNow, the browser-based companion of ImageNow, enables AmFed employees to view documents simultaneously from any location. WebNow also is reducing the intrusiveness of the auditing process. Auditors easily view and assess claim files without needing to come to the company�s headquarters. �We offer more than insurance here,� says Jennifer Muse, director of special projects at AmFed. �We needed a complete product that could grow with us in

Whitepaper: Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Replaces the Paper Chase with Automated Workflow

by Perceptive SoftwareJan 01, 2005

Administrators at Illinois Mutual Life Insurance sought a document management, imaging and workflow solution that would speed document access, minimize labor-intensive tasks and enhance information sharing between departments. After evaluating several options, they chose ImageNow. A standardized, proven deployment methodology enabled Perceptive Software to install ImageNow at Illinois Mutual in just two weeks. Using patented LearnMode� technology, ImageNow integrated with Illinois Mutual�s proprietary business applications. Integration connects host system records with corresponding information in ImageNow, enabling users to instantly retrieve the supporting documents they need from their host application screens. This approach facilitates immediate customer service and faster task completion. �ImageNow puts all the information we need to quickly answer inquiries at our fingertips,� says Sue Steele, assistant vice president of policy service at Illinois Mutual. �The result is increased customer satisfaction.� Replacing a paper chase with automated workflow has enabled employees in nine departments to quickly process customer folders and administrative documents alike. Perhaps the biggest impact has been in the policy service department, where ImageNow reduced the time it takes to answer a policy request by 75 percent. Participating in hands-on training classes prepared the Illinois Mutual Implementation Team to manage ImageNow in house. Since the initial deployment in sales administration, Illinois Mutual has extended ImageNow to underwriting, policy service and multiple other departments, with minimal input from Perceptive Software. Illinois Mutual has internal standards for processing policies, including a time limit. ImageNow reporting features enable the policy service department to monitor every aspect of employee productivity.