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Whitepaper: Grow Revenue With Healthcare Lockbox Services

by WAUSAU Financial SystemsMar 26, 2013

Capture More Revenue From Healthcare-Only 20% of physician offices and 50% of hospitals use a lockbox service, but more than 30% of healthcare providers express interest in getting help from their bank for payments processing. Are you positioned to capture the revenue? Download Our Free White Paper.

Whitepaper: Insurers Cut The Costs Associated with Processing Payments from Remote Agents

by WAUSAU Financial SystemsMay 01, 2012

Even in 2012, there might be light at the end of this long tunnel of economic trouble, it's tempting to put aside technology investments until the economy officially improves. But insurance companies that do so risk falling farther behind their forward-looking competitors that are already taking steps to improve their internal systems and processes. And when you consider the fever-pitched battle underway to lure customers from one insurer to another, the differentiation provided by advanced technology will be critical to survival once the economy regains its footing.

Download our white paper to learn how deploying a remote deposit capture solutions at remote agent locations will improve your insurance companies bottom line.

Whitepaper: Outsourcing, Hybrid Style: A New Blended Approach to Payment Processing

by WAUSAU Financial SystemsNov 01, 2011

Rapid change is occurring in the payments space to keep up with new demands and new channels. Some are investing in new technology to keep up with demand, most notably integrated receivables platforms that run in tandem with new and existing receivables channels. But the competition for capital at many banks is making investments in receivables processing systems daunting.

Other banks are outsourcing their lockbox networks altogether, leaving third-parties to determine the right mix of technology, while leveraging greater economies of scale to drive lower operational costs. A major contributor to this movement? A sharp decline in check volumes.

As check volumes decline, thereby increasing the unit costs on remaining paper-based transactions and driving usage of new payment channels, the business justification for enhanced lockbox operations will likely push more financial institutions towards outsourcing.

Whitepaper: The Main Street America Group Realizes Significant Business Benefits with WAUSAU Financial Systems and Progress

by WAUSAU Financial SystemsJul 14, 2008

Customer case study, profiling The Main Street America Group, that discusses significant business benefits realized with technology from WAUSAU Financial Systems and our partner, Progress Software.