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iter8 Inc. is a software solutions provider to the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry, its products designed to increase profitability by solving problems centered on Automated Underwriting, Agent and Consumer facing portals, Commercial Lines and Agent Communications. Through smart innovation and proven expertise in both the insurance business and in technology, implementation and service, iter8 has a track record of successfully streamlining insurance processes, improving time-to-market, and saving companies money. Product templates provide out-of-the-box full functionality, configurable to each company's unique operating conditions. Cost-effective, on-time, on-budget, and full functionality are phrases used to describe iter8's numerous successes.

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Whitepaper: Advancing Agent Connectivity: The 5 levels of maturity

by iter8 Inc.Jun 01, 2008

Excellence in agent connectivity is rarely, if ever achieved. Rather it is a work in progress, one which is in flux as the carrier develops from one level of maturity to the next, always increasing effectiveness and efficiency, and thereby, profitability. Fortunately the cost-benefit ratio of advancing agent connectivity is highly favorable for the carrier, with relatively small investments, wisely deployed, yielding substantial returns in short order. Agent Connectivity is without a doubt

Whitepaper: 8 smart reasons to deploy fully automated agent connectivity

by iter8 Inc.Nov 01, 2007

Insurers that use an independent agent channel to handle all, or a sub-set of their sales efforts do so to leverage market knowledge and on-the-ground readiness, receiving the benefits of a broad-based channel with local presence that can reach into even the smallest geographic centers, while avoiding the direct costs of representatives to staff it. The effectiveness of the channel is dependent on all agencies interacting with the carrier in a seamless manner, so that insurance end-use

Whitepaper: Speeding Delivery - York Fire maintains competitive edge by adopting iter8's exception-based underwriting technology

by iter8 Inc.Sep 01, 2007

York Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Kingsway Financial Services Inc., recognized that in order to support the company?s rapid growth major changes in underwriting were required. Manual processing needed to be phased out, and a flexible, user-friendly system needed to be brought in. The challenge was to automate underwriting and rating to increase efficiency, improve speed of processing, attract new brokers, and improve policy holder retention. The answer was a