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Innovation Group�s software and outsourcing solutions enable business transformation within the global P&C insurance industry. Our 2,500 professionals work closely with our 200+ clients worldwide to customize Policy Administration, Claims Management and Business Intelligence solutions that support and drive strategic objectives. We process more than 3.5 million claims annually and achieve a direct cost savings of 20% for our clients.

Phone: Services Oriented Architecture - the competitive edge for insurers?
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Whitepaper: Services Oriented Architecture - the competitive edge for insurers?

by Innovation GroupDec 30, 2006

The Insurance industry is faced with the challenge of aligning its strategic business objectives closely with IT fulfilment, and determining how IT will fulfill these objectives in a cost-effective, incremental and timely fashion. The various business units within the insurance industry are struggling with the many issues, which translate into potentially millions of dollars in lost market opportunities and operational savings.