Fundtech (NASDAQ: FNDT), was founded in 1993, and is a leading provider of software and services to banks of all sizes around the world. Payments systems include wire transfers, ACH origination, cross-border payments and remittance. Cash management systems are designed for large corporate through small business clients. Fundtech is a leader in SWIFT services, operating one of the world's largest SWIFT service bureaus in the world. We offer an extensive line of financial supply chain applications including electronic invoice presentment and supply trade financing. And we are the leading provider of CLS systems to the world's largest banks. More than 1,000 clients throughout the world rely on Fundtech solutions to improve operational efficiency and provide greater competitiveness through innovative business-to-business services.

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Whitepaper: International ACH Transactions: 4 Simple Steps to Flying Right

by FundtechAug 13, 2008

International ACH Transactions (IAT) is a new transaction type that has the potential to create havoc for financial institutions that process ACH payments. These international payments will need special handling, including OFAC compliance checking. Many financial institutions are not yet prepared for these new requirements, and are not sure how to proceed. This white paper provides insightful background and offers several key strategies that will help financial institutions determine how to align their IAT services with the expectation of their clients.