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Whitepaper: Self-Service Outsourcing: A Closer Look

by DieboldMay 01, 2008

Banks, credit unions and other ATM owners are outsourcing their entire self-service channels at a rate of nearly $2.5 billion annually. To understand the trend toward outsourcing, it�s important to understand the backdrop against which many banks and credit unions have been operating.

Whitepaper: ATM Fraud Prevention

by DieboldMar 01, 2008

In a climate of increased ATM fraud and threats, financial institutions can no longer afford to take a reactive approach to detecting and preventing fraud throughout their ATM networks.

Whitepaper: Biometrics -- Fact and Fiction

by DieboldFeb 01, 2008

As the incidence and frequency of identity theft and internal fraud continue to rise, the financial and medical business sectors look increasingly to biometrics to help them more effectively battle the aforementioned issues. There is the call from the general public for more biometric authentication and verification in trusted environments, but there still exists some misconceptions as to the sanitation, cost, integration effort, and public acceptance that are prohibiting companies from moving forward with a biometric plan. Hopefully, this document sheds some light on the reality of what biometrics can do to bring customer convenience, security, and profitability to its adopters.

Whitepaper: Digital Security Threats

by DieboldFeb 01, 2008

Digital security threats attempt to compromise the ATMs operating system or violate the integrity of transaction-related data. Mitigate the vast business risks associated with these types of threats by leveraging Diebold�s multi-layered digital security defenses.

Whitepaper: Security for Financial Institutions -- The Benefits of Big-Picture Thinking

by DieboldJan 01, 2008

From one end of the globe to the other, thieves are getting smarter. As they gain more knowledge on how to steal assets, the need to stay one step ahead of their efforts becomes more and more critical. And the most effective way to deter theft and mitigate loss is through a multi-layered security approach. Of course, the first step is to secure the physical facility and the ATM. But the security experts at Diebold believe that this is only the beginning.

Whitepaper: Advanced Skimming Detection

by DieboldOct 01, 2007

Card skimming has become one of the most prevalent crimes against ATMs in the world, costing millions of dollars to financial institutions and card holders alike. Skimmers are fraudulent devices that criminals attach to an ATM card reader in order to record information stored on the card�s magnetic strip. Diebold has engineered new, advanced skimming detection technology that adds another level of security to the ATM channel. This safeguarding feature is one of Diebold�s Secure Anti-Fraud Enhancement (S.A.F.E.) initiatives and comes standard on all new Opteva motorized card readers.

Whitepaper: Indian Bank Reaches Masses with Biometrics

by DieboldOct 01, 2007

Diebold�s biometric ATM enabled Indian Bank to reach out to the unbanked population using technology that analyzes and measures unique biological characteristics of customers, and provides voice instructions that guide customers through their financial transactions.

Whitepaper: Playing Defense: Trends in ATM Attacks

by DieboldOct 01, 2007

There are a number of best practices that need to be implemented to improve the overall security � and operational efficiency � of the ATM industry. ATM vendors and deployers alike should have a need for, an awareness of, participation in and implementation of security-related industry standards. Prompt and diligent attention should be given to fraud trends and new attack methods reported by the press, law enforcement and financial institutions, with appropriate design analysis and action if required. This information may provide the ability to anticipate future attack methods (physical as well as data-oriented) and develop corresponding new technologies to thwart them.

Whitepaper: Deposit Automation: Best Practices in Screen Development

by DieboldMar 01, 2007

Deposit automation is gaining momentum in the global marketplace. Many institutions are piloting or deploying advanced deposit terminals. Eliminating the envelope benefits financial institutions through lower processing costs, transaction migration to the ATM, and increased customer satisfaction. Research analysts are already reporting these benefits are real and predicting a surge in deposit activity that will drive increases in overall ATM transactions in markets that adopt this technology.

Whitepaper: Banking on the Unbanked

by DieboldOct 02, 2006

The un- and underbanked market represents serious potential for financial institutions. Up to one-fifth of the adults in the United States are in this market, and they spend $10.9 billion per year on 324 million non-traditional financial transactions. New approaches are needed to capture this market, including new ways of thinking and innovation in bank product and service offerings. The technology necessary to grow into this market already exists, and those in this market are already familiar with its use. What is needed now is for financial institutions to demonstrate the flexibility and innovation necessary to turn this market into a profitable venture for the long term.