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Sageworks is the developer of Sageworks Analyst, a comprehensive financial analysis suite that empowers community banks to create clear reports that enable them to make timely and accurate commercial credit decisions. The goal of the technology is to reduce origination costs and increase accuracy in the credit decision making process. Sageworks Analyst provides the following:

1) Financial Analysis: Analyze and spread financial statements quickly and easily.
2) "Global" analysis: Combine personal, business, and real estate financial data into one "Global"look.
3) Benchmarking: Compare customer performance to peers.
4) Narrative reports: Quickly convert financial data into plain language reports.
5) Forecasts and projections: Develop financial models and forecasts quickly and automatically from historical data.
6) Valuations: Quickly and automatically value companies using discounted cash flow techniques.

Our Website: http://www.sageworksinc.com

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Video: Sageworks Analyst Provides Commercial Credit Analysis Capabilities

by Sageworks, Inc.Jan 01, 2005

Sageworks Analyst is a commercial credit analysis technology. View a video demonstration of how community banks around the country use this unique online technology to perform global cash flow analysis, automate narrative write-ups, benchmark clients versus their peer groups, and quickly perform business projections.