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Whitepaper: Money Talks: How Wage and Hour Compliance Can Cost You

by KronosOct 14, 2010

In recent years wage and hour litigation in the financial services industry has increased significantly, with challenges being brought at the federal and state levels. The causes range from the difficulty of consistently applying corporate wage and hour practices, to the complexity of applicable regulations. But no matter how a wage and hour lawsuit is triggered, the reality is that these cases are costly, time-consuming, and can have a significant impact on the financial health of the companies involved. This white paper, with Paul Decamp, a former administrator of the U.S. Department of Labor�s Wage and Hour Division, from the law firm Jackson Lewis LLP, explores the causes for wage and hour litigation, what the potential damages are, who�s at risk, and six steps that can help financial institutions minimize wage and hour compliance risk.

Whitepaper: Workforce Management Technologies Increase Profitability

by KronosMay 03, 2010

IDC Financial Insight�s Analyst Connection discusses how an increase in innovation throughout financial services organizations will drive future success in 2010 and beyond. One key area of focus for financial institutions is the exploration of workforce management. Employees remain a key but often underutilized resource for all financial institutions.

Utilizing workforce management tools and technologies allows institutions to optimize the untapped opportunity their employees represent, not only to reduce cost and increase profitability, but also to drive innovation around products and services. This presents significant opportunity for forward- thinking financial institutions to gain a leadership position in the marketplace.