OutSystems provides the Agile Platform, a complete application development solution that offers all the required tools for companies to develop, deploy, manage and change enterprise web applications. Its free Community Edition allows IT professionals to experience all the Agile Platform features for custom application development. Introduced in 2001, with over 13,650 installations, the OutSystems Agile Platform has been honored with multiple CODiE and JOLT awards and is supported by an active community of more than 3.600 developers, 1.150 certified practitioners and over 55 implementation partners.

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Whitepaper: PaaS - Powering a New Era of Business IT

by OutSystemsApr 01, 2014

Cloud computing services have become an integral part of many organization's enterprise IT strategies. In the last 12 months, platform as a service (PaaS) has become one of the fastest growing areas of all cloud computing services with analyst firms like Gartner and IDC predicting sharp uptakes in PaaS adoption.

This paper explores why PaaS has suddenly become relevant and irresistible to many organizations. It dives into the opportunities and considerations associated with using PaaS from an application development and deployment perspective, as well as the ways PaaS can help enhance developer productivity.

Download this paper to learn:
� Why PaaS is growing at such a rapid pace
� How PaaS differs from SaaS and IaaS
� Five ways PaaS helps enhance the development process
� Which type of PaaS solution is right for your team
� Considerations before going down a PaaS route

Whitepaper: Why IT Struggles to Innovate, and How You Can Fix It

by OutSystemsApr 01, 2014

It seems that it's virtually impossible for IT to meet all business demands with current budgets, resources, and approaches. But the business keeps changing and IT needs to respond rapidly and innovate in order to stay relevant to the organization.

Why does IT struggle to innovate?

According to Gartner and other analyst reports:
• 80%-85% of IT budgets are spent just "Keeping the Lights On" (KTLO)
• Backlogs are compounding annually at a rate of 10%-20%
• 2% of the initial cost of an application is spent year after year to maintain it

In this eBook we explore the root causes of IT inefficiency and discuss methods companies have used to overcome them, turning their IT departments into innovation superstars.

Whitepaper: Application Development and Delivery: When and Where to Leverage the Cloud

by OutSystemsApr 01, 2014

As IT organizations look for ways to deliver innovative business solutions fast, the cloud becomes a major factor as they embark on the infrastructure and application delivery decision-making process.

As the platform as a service (PaaS) market continues to mature, enterprise development teams are recognizing the opportunity to manage application development and delivery in ways that maximize business agility and responsiveness.

Download this paper and learn about:
• The fundamentals of rapid application delivery
• Using the cloud to achieve game-changing productivity
• When to choose a cloud model
• High-performance PaaS, portability, and future-proofing

Whitepaper: OutSystems 'Cloudifies' App Development: Looks to Stand Out through DevOps Automation

by OutSystemsApr 01, 2014

This independent report explores the OutSystems Platform and the company?s move into the platform as a service (PaaS) market.

With the availability of the public cloud version of the OutSystems Platform, the company completes its product portfolio with multiple deployment scenarios - the on-premises single-tenant version, public, private, or hybrid cloud multi-tenant versions.

Its capability to fully automate devops processes that involve both developers and IT operations departments is compelling for these collaborative teams. There is some truth in this, especially when enterprise developers are tasked to create and manage multiple applications. The ability to automate application release processes can eliminate bottlenecks of application development. - 451 Research

Download this report and read about the 451 Research take on:
• The OutSystems Platform
• OutSystems Customer Deployments
•Competition in the PaaS Market
• OutSystems SWOT Analysis

Whitepaper: OutSystems Platform and Different PaaS for Different Players

by OutSystemsApr 01, 2014

This whitepaper, authored by Bloor Research practice leader David Norfolk, compares two different PaaS (platform as a service) solutions - OutSystems Platform and

The paper includes a comprehensive analysis of the two PaaS solutions with a focus on providing an objective look at two products that are both "fit for a purpose." The paper provides enough information to help IT professionals determine which product matches their needs and requirements.

Whitepaper: The Eight Stages of an Agile Approach That Works

by OutSystemsFeb 20, 2009

With the experiences gathered through 500+ Agile projects, the OutSystems team has developed and refined a repeatable way to enable the efficient and successful delivery of enterprise-scale Agile projects -- in essence, defining an Agile method that works. This approach includes the concepts applied, the tools used and the activities conducted for successfully delivering web business applications. By leveraging the Agile Platform and Agile Network, organizations are able to adopt Agile development methods and scale their Agile projects across their IT organization. At OutSystems, we believe that being Agile requires not only a set of adaptive processes but also tools that make everyone involved with the project, agile. This includes the complete Agile delivery team management, development team members, business users and all key stakeholders.

Whitepaper: How to Leverage SOA Investments Using Agile Methods

by OutSystemsNov 14, 2008

This paper examines the benefits of SOA as well as the layers of complexity that hinder transitioning a fragmented delivery process to one that is more adaptive and fluid. It further analyzes early measures an organization can take to accelerate the realization of SOA�s full potential. Agile SOA embraces an incremental approach that, when combined with Agile environments, enables organizations to quickly and efficiently clear the hurdles of SOA implementation and utilization, extending the value of deployment with proven advantage in achieving responsive business change.