Whitepaper: No Compromise, Cost Effective, VMware Storage for the SMB

by DroboFeb 01, 2012

VMware can bring tremendous operational flexibility to organizations of all sizes. While it is often thought of as a large data center technology its value to the small to medium sized business should not be overlooked.

These businesses typically have grown to a point where they have a need for four to five servers running functions like Exchange, SQL, applications like financial packages, and file serving. And often, they find that a single physical host running those functions within virtual machines can replace all these servers.

The problem is that putting all these functions onto one physical host means a single hardware failure could impact all of them.

Whitepaper: Three unique technologies provide users with a truly modern storage experience

by DroboFeb 01, 2012

Storage has traditionally been difficult to understand and manage, especially for non-storage experts. Tasks such as pooling drives, scaling capacity, and protecting from data loss are complex tasks for individuals and businesses that require high-capacity and reliable storage. Also, the explosion of rich media data requires more sophisticated digital storage. Legacy solutions can be too complex or too limited for current needs.

Whitepaper: Shared Storage for SMB Server Bundles

by DroboFeb 01, 2012

As a small business grows it eventually reaches a point where the demands of the business require a specific IT server application like an email server, file server, database server or a web server. Operating system (OS) vendors like Microsoft and Apple are making this transition easier by providing pre-configured, cost effective versions of their server OSs targeted for small business.

This leads SMBs to move to server-hosted applications faster than in the past. As a result they are more likely to need a storage device that can be shared between several servers at the same time.