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Whitepaper: Data Integration: Using ETL, EAI, and EII Tools to Create an Integrated Enterprise

by 1105 MediaJan 01, 2008

This paper provides a report which is a sequel to TDWI’s 2003 report Evaluating ETL and Data Integration Platforms. The objective of the report is to look at how data integration techniques, technologies, applications, and products have evolved since the 2003 report was published. The focus is not only on the role of data integration in data warehousing projects, but also on developing an enterprisewide data integration strategy.

Whitepaper: Server Core: Windows Without Windows - The New Server Core Is a Stripped-Down, Rock-Solid Version of Longhorn

by 1105 MediaJan 01, 2008

One of the most innovative features coming in Windows ""Longhorn"" Server isn’t really a feature as much as a whole new version of Windows. It’s called Server Core, and it will only take one-sixth of the disk space of a normal Longhorn installation. It’s not expected to need anywhere near as many patches and hotfixes as Windows 2000. It’s a version of Windows that does not, in fact, use windows. It’s breaking Microsoft’s long-standing reliance on graphical interfaces and shaking things up in several of Microsoft’s product groups.

Whitepaper: Windows ’Longhorn’ Server Update

by 1105 MediaJan 01, 2008

Longhorn has several compelling new features. On one score, it will be unlike any previous Windows operating system in that Longhorn can be run without ""windows."" With the Beta 2 release of Longhorn, Microsoft introduced new functionality called Server Core. The functionality allows administrators to install Longhorn with a very limited set of services turned on. At that point, administrators can choose one of four roles - DHCP, DNS, file server or Domain Controller.

Whitepaper: Smith: The Carrot-and-Stick Approach - Federal Agencies Should Reward Companies That Ensure the Privacy of Consumer Data

by 1105 MediaJan 01, 2008

As evidenced by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) record-setting fine against Choice Point, the federal government is getting serious about holding businesses accountable for the protection of consumer information. In addition to the actions taken by FTC and other governing bodies, several members of Congress have introduced bills designed to protect consumers from identity theft and other types of fraud. Several of those bills seek to restrict or regulate the use of personally exclusive information such as credit card numbers, customer records and Social Security numbers.

Whitepaper: Beta Blowout: A Three-Headed Beta Release Lights the Fuse on Office, Windows and Longhorn Server

by 1105 MediaJan 01, 2008

Microsoft is calling Office 2007 ""the most important new version of Office in 10 years."" Visually, the new Office is striking, with programs cast in cool blue and gray hues. More impressively, the late May beta build seems quite stable. Documents and applications opened quickly on the 3.0GHz Pentium 4 test system with 1GB of RAM. Outlook produced a crash during the initial setup of account settings, but otherwise failures were rare.

Whitepaper: Longhorn: Is Allchin’s Baby Worth the Wait?

by 1105 MediaJan 01, 2008

Longhorn is so chock-full of code-names that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to figure out what’s what. WinFX, Indigo and Avalon all sound terribly important, but they don’t give the user a clue as to what they will do. Until the user gets a look at Longhorn’s first public beta, though, those code-names are all the users has got. WinFX (pronounced ""Win Ef Ex,"" just like it’s spelled) stands for Windows Framework. This is the new Application Programming Interface (API) upon which Longhorn will be built. Longhorn will continue to support, for purposes of backward-compatibility, the Win32 API currently have.

Whitepaper: Data Profiling: Minimizing Risk in Data Management Projects

by 1105 MediaJan 01, 2008

Data profiling tools promise to minimize the risks that undermine many data integration projects: unanticipated data defects in source systems. Data profiling tools provide insurance against project delays and cost overruns due to be used by business analysts, not IT errors or inconsistencies in the data. Armed with a data profiling tool, one can have greater confidence that they can meet project deadlines and deliver trustworthy data to the customers. Data profiling tools are designed to administrators. The graphical tools make it easy for business analysts to scan 100 percent of the data with 100 percent accuracy.