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Whitepaper: IPR And Outsourcing: The Case Of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

by University of North CarolinaJan 01, 2008

Knowledge of data structures, data quality, data cleaning, SAS programming, data analysis, technical report preparation, and the ability to present analyses to management are all key skills needed by professionals. This paper from SAS describes an innovative new undergraduate program at the University of Memphis that teaches these skills to undergraduates. The undergraduate certificate in ""Data Analysis and Programming Using SAS Software"" is a first-of-its-kind program in the Americas and the third in the world. The paper will also share insights into establishing this program as well as enrollment information for the first two semesters.

Whitepaper: Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Campus WLAN Traffic Demand

by University of North CarolinaJan 01, 2008

Researchers in wireless networking are faced with the challenge of constructing simulations and testbed experiments that reproduce the characteristics of these networks, and taking them into account in their theoretical work. However, there is only a limited set of modeling results in this area derived from real measurement data, and they do not provide a complete and consistent view of entire WLAN systems. The emphasis is on parametric modeling, which provides a parsimonious characterization and the most flexible foundation for simulation studies.

Whitepaper: Applications of k-Local MST for Topology Control and Broadcasting in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

by University of North CarolinaJan 01, 2008

This paper from University of North Carolina defines a sequence of low-weighted sparse structures LMSTk, and presented an efficient method to construct them locally using only O(n) messages. Here a structure is called lowweighted if its total link length is within a constant factor of that of the Euclidean minimum spanning tree. The paper further defines a bounded degree planar low weighted connected structure IMRG that can be constructed more efficiently. The total communication cost of localized method is at most 13n. It shows that both structures are asymptotically the best structures that can be constructed locally for broadcasting.