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Whitepaper: The Balance Between Data Quality and User's Information Needs - Thinking Strategically for Rational Decision-Making

by International Federation of SurveyorsJan 01, 2008

The validity of a decision is a function of the reliability of the data from which it is derived. Spatial data now plays a core activity in most, if not all organizations. GIS derived results invariably impact negatively or positively on operational and planning decisions. Logically this implies that careful use of GIS-supplied information requires an accuracy assessment of all data involved. This paper from International Federation of Surveyors explores a cognitive process, the balance (or trade - off) effect that has been shown to influence good decision-making. A brief analysis of elements of data quality is given.

Whitepaper: TERIA: The GNSS Network for France

by International Federation of SurveyorsJan 01, 2008

TERIA, the GNSS Network for France will be one of the largest GPS networks in the world. Till now, more than 600 surveyors (i.e. about one third of all French surveyors) have associated themselves to the project. The French Union of licensed (private) Surveyors, Ordre des Geometres Experts is launching its own permanent network of GPS stations, with the intention of covering all the French territory by the end of 2005.

Whitepaper: Project Management And Organization Of International Engineering Projects

by International Federation of SurveyorsJan 01, 2008

This paper published by International Federation of Surveyors explains the different phases of international engineering projects are described. The emphasize is laid on tendering process and project realization on the complete risk management during the operations. Some examples showing the practicability and the lessons learnt out of several large multi million dollar projects are provided.

Whitepaper: Data Quality Standards

by International Federation of SurveyorsJan 01, 2008

Quality is an intrinsic property of any product. If a product fits to the specific requirements of a potential user depends on the intended use. Nonetheless there are products that even when their product specification fit the users needs are still not completely satisfactory or just useless to the user, because their actual constitution derivates from the product specification. If this derivation is unintended or random it affects the quality of the product. In order to keep the constitution of products in a production process for series of product instances constant and predictable over time rigorous procedures to maintain or even improve production processes have been introduced and standardized.

Whitepaper: Towards A Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Using Web Services

by International Federation of SurveyorsJan 01, 2008

This paper investigates the applicability of Web Services standards in the domain of mobile environments, in particular in the field of Location-based Services, to overcome the ""Multi-X Problem"" where multiple barriers block adaptive interoperability. In particular, it describes how to discover Web Services due to spatial criteria, and how to flexibly compose location-specific elementary services along typical value chains using Web Services technology. The proposed methodology enables on-demand discovery and compositions of Web Services with respect to changing locations. It achieves high adaptivity at the composite service level and allows mobile services to adapt to incessantly changing environments.