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Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network - today and into the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments. Fortinet ranks #1 in the most security appliances shipped worldwide and more than 290,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses. Learn more at

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Latest Content From Fortinet

Whitepaper: Protecting Hyperscale Data Centers From Ransomware and Volumetric DDoS Attacks

by FortinetMay 24, 2022

The data center role is still vital today, especially with all types of enterprises adopting hybrid IT, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and 5G to gain operational agility, because it protects applications, data, and workloads that can't be moved to the cloud but that still need to be consumed by employees, customers, and partners.

Download this Brief to learn more about:

  • Protecting today's Hybrid environments at scale with a staggering firewall performance rate of up to 1.9 Tbps
  • Security beyond the edge that allows enterprises to build hybrid IT architectures that connect legacy physical database domains to virtualized application and web server domains
  • The difference with full threat protection that extends security across the entire attack surface with actionable, coordinated, and full automation and more!

Whitepaper: How an Intelligent Network Can Unburden IT Teams

by FortinetMay 24, 2022

Today's networks are expected to do more than deliver connectivity and bandwidth. To optimize performance and enable additional functionality, a network needs to be intelligent. The more intelligent the network, the better it will perform, and the more tasks it can offload from IT teams.

Read this Checklist to find out the five important ways that intelligence can be built into the network to make things easier on those running it.

E-Book: Ensure a Secure LAN Edge for All Devices

by FortinetMay 24, 2022

With 70% of workers still using personal devices for work and IoT proving to be even more challenging, with headless devices that have limited to no security functionality, Network access control (NAC) solutions can ensure only devices that should attach to the network do, and can restrict what they have access to.

Download this eBook to find out how having basic NAC services baked into a local-area network (LAN) edge solution for simplicity and consistent security policy.

Whitepaper: Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Continually Received Analyst and Peer Recognition

by FortinetMay 24, 2022

Leveraging the Security-driven Networking approach, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN uses one operating system and one centralized management console to allow enterprises to realize an enhanced security posture effectiveness with converged networking and security and is catching the attention of industry analysts.

Read the Brief to see how the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution empowers IT teams to:

  • Deliver superior quality of experience (QoE)
  • Build simpler and faster secure networks
  • Improve operational efficiencies

Whitepaper: How to Simplify Security with a Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

by FortinetApr 19, 2022

Download this checklist to learn about the four necessary capabilities of a true cybersecurity mesh platform: Broad, Integrated, Automated, Open Ecosystem.

E-Book: The Threat That Never Goes Away

by FortinetApr 19, 2022

Download this eBook to learn why a structured approach to cybersecurity is the most effective strategy to address today's sophisticated threat landscape.

E-Book: Making Cybersecurity Mesh a Reality

by FortinetApr 19, 2022

Download this solution brief to learn why a cybersecurity mesh architecture is essential for today's organizations.

E-Book: The Effective Use of AI to Speed Detection and Response

by FortinetApr 18, 2022

Use automation for early detection and response

Given the volume and sophistication of today's cybercampaigns, cybersecurity is becoming a big data problem. And AI is expanding and maturing to meet the challenge.

Learn how automation can help your organization:

  • Detect malware delivery, installation, execution, and communication
  • Close the cyber skills gap
  • Maximize operational efficiencies

Whitepaper: Thwart Ransomware with Artificial Intelligence Across the Cyber Kill Chain

by FortinetApr 18, 2022

Enough is enough

Ransomware payouts in 2021 topped those of the past decade combined. The time is now to bolster security to thwart attacks across the kill chain.

Read the solution brief to:

  • Understand how to detect ransomware across the kill chain
  • Know how to combat it at each stage
  • Learn about the critical benefits of automation

Research Report: How Cybersecurity Became a Big Data Problem

by FortinetApr 18, 2022

Human Security Operations Alone Struggle to Keep Pace

Today's ransomware attacks have become so sophisticated that they can mimic authentic actions. And it has become increasingly difficult for human security analysts to look through huge amounts of data for increasingly ambiguous signs of attack. Learn more about:

  • Today's threat-detection challenges
  • Common malicious activity across the cyber kill chain
  • How attacks mimic legitimate activity