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Seagate Technology

Seagate Technology has been a global leader offering data storage and management solutions for over 40 years. Seagate crafts the datasphere, maximizing human potential by innovating world-class, precision-engineered data storage and management solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships.

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Latest Content From Seagate Technology

Whitepaper: Balancing Hybrid Storage as Part of a Hybrid Cloud Data Management Strategy

by Seagate TechnologyFeb 04, 2021

Hybrid cloud offers the freedom to host applications and data on a growing variety of public and private platforms. This report introduces complexity in balancing the use of on-and-off premises services and resources for availability, scalability, performance, cost and governance. Download this whitepaper to learn how various hybrid storage architectures evolve in light of hybrid cloud adoption, massive data growth and limited budgets.

Whitepaper: 451 Cloud Confidence Report

by Seagate TechnologyFeb 04, 2021

Assess Your Cloud Infrastructure

A recent survey by 451 Research indicates that 57% of enterprises plan to implement a hybrid cloud strategy. Why? Because the efficiency, cost, and security benefits are immense. But to really succeed, it's important to pinpoint where your cloud infrastructure is already excelling--and what needs work. This 451 Research report will help you do just that through the assessment of three key areas: Management, Capacity, and Efficiency.

Whitepaper: Optimized Architectures: Designing Storage Architectures for Big Data Workloads

by Seagate TechnologyFeb 04, 2021

A thriving enterprise data economy is built on three imperatives: capture everything, manage it efficiently, and leverage its potential. Rethinking your data strategy requires the right data architecture as its core. An ideal data architecture is optimized for infinite scale and efficiency, so you can capture everything: the data you need, and the data you didn't know you needed.

Whitepaper: Data Orchestration: Critical Elements for Data Strategy and Infrastructure

by Seagate TechnologyFeb 04, 2021

As enterprise data proliferates its important increases, its increasingly intricate movement across a varied hybrid cloud ecosystem compounds data management challenges. Valuable data must be active and available for analysis across various data centers, applications and teams. What are crucial elements for an effective data orchestration and infrastructure? Download this report to learn more!