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Whitepaper: The Design of Organization Next

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jun 07, 2011

As the global economy emerges from the Great Recession, many organizations continue to experience its far-??reaching effects, but it is not the only force at play as organizations continue to evolve. Technology, demographics, shifts in work relationships, regulatory environments, and globalization exert themselves to reshape work. And many uncertainties remain about the future of the work that will affect the structure and practices of the work experience. Organizations will need to

Whitepaper: Social Networking In The Enterprise: Benefits And Inhibitors

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jun 07, 2011

Social technologies are moving from the consumer space into the enterprise, and early results are very encouraging. However, concerns remain regarding security, privacy, and compliance, and those concerns are gating pervasive adoption for some organizations. In May 2010, Cisco Systems commissioned Forrester Consulting to research and address these and other concerns. Forrester surveyed 262 US- and European-based IT and business decision-makers and interviewed six individuals. Forrester found

Whitepaper: Switching Is Strategic to Your Business

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

When you buy a switch, you are buying--and buying into--the switching vendor's architecture. In other words, you are adopting as your own that switching vendor's concept and strategy for how business should be conducted.Know what kind of strategic decisions are you making when you purchase a given vendor's switch. Learn the four categories of switching architecture and the strategic decisions network managers make when they buy them.

Whitepaper: Empowered Branch The Platform for Business, Success

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

With the increased proliferation of branch offices, the quality of customer experience is vital to drive loyalty and increased business. Learn how to address Web 2.0 trends, globalization and collaboration needs while monetizing on IT as a strategic asset. Learn about branch office trends and recent innovations.

Whitepaper: Composite Collaborative Applications Accelerating the Business Process

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

In addition to combining different communications media, Unified Communications also allows enterprises to add communications functionality to business applications that previously lacked such tight integration. UC vendors claim that you can drive worker productivity by adding voice or instant messaging directly into, for example, an ERP or spreadsheet application. Cisco explains it composite collaborative applications.

Whitepaper: Secure Network Infrastructures for Unified Communications Deployments

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

Unified communications has become a key driver for most enterprises and securing these environments is top of mind for security professionals. The network infrastructure is the "backplane" of unified communications deployments. Learn about the key threats today and tomorrow and how to utilize network security mechanisms to minimize the risk.

Whitepaper: Transforming the Enterprise WAN Edge

by Cisco Systems, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

Learn about the services and framework needed at the WAN edge to meet global business demands for collaboration, constant, reliable access to rich media and applications, plus uncompromising security and network performance. Start with the evolution of the enterprise WAN edge and discover the drivers for its transformation. Find a framework for the next generation WAN, with an overview of solutions and benefits.