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Anovatek is a specialist provider of Technology-driven Business Solutions and Software Services, to Insurance, Healthcare, Technology and Financial services companies, including small-mid sized ISVs.

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Whitepaper: SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform

by Anovatek IncJan 13, 2012

SAS has developed an integrated platform for delivering enterprise intelligence. This platform, which we call the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, optimally integrates individual technology components within your existing infrastructure into a single, unified system. The result is an information flow that transcends organizational silos, diverse computing platforms and niche tools ? and delivers access to the insights that drive value for your organization.

The SAS Enterprise

Whitepaper: Physical Inventory, RFID Project for Stratum Global, Inc

by Anovatek IncJan 13, 2012

THE CHALLENGE: The client, one of the reputed leaders in the delivering quality professional services for innovative RFID Solutions, wanted the prototype which was with very little functionalities to be completed in a phased manner without changing the architecture. The main objective was to develop the prototype into a fully operational, ready to deploy package. The application needs to be deployed on four different devices with different operating systems, including: Intermec 750/IP4

Whitepaper: Integrated Claims Management System Enhances InsPro

by Anovatek IncJan 13, 2012

Anovatek was able to successfully develop and implement a fully integrated insurance claims management application that would function in conjunction with Atiam Technologies' InsPro product. Anovatek's claims system allowed the client to market InsPro as an end-to-end insurance product that includes policy administration and claims.

Whitepaper: Getting a Handle on Quality Assurance

by Anovatek IncJan 10, 2012

Quality assurance typically is defined as all activities that contribute to defining, designing, assessing, monitoring, and improving quality. These activities can be performed as part of the accreditation of facilities, supervision, or other efforts to improve the performance and quality of services.