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Whitepaper: The iPhone: A Consumer Perspective

by Parks AssociatesJan 01, 2008

The Apple Inc. iPhone is the definition of a convergence device. It has the ability to play back music and videos on its 3.5 inch display, a unique ability for video/image displays to automatically flip between landscape and portrait views when the device is rotated, special software that makes finger-based scrolling easier, a Safari Web browser that shows Web sites in their standard format, and more options for users to access and listen to voice mail.

Whitepaper: Home Networks In Europe: Key Applications And Drivers

by Parks AssociatesJan 01, 2008

Kurt is the sole author or contributing author/analyst to more than 40 research reports and studies produced by Parks Associates. The worldwide outlook for home networks is significant. This paper discusses about Home Networking as a Broadband-enabled Solution. The use of a home network largely as a broadband-sharing mechanism is just the first of several stages in the evolution of home networking. The author studies developments in home networks, residential gateways, digital entertainment, technology development in the housing market, and residential and building management and controls.