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Whitepaper: Getting Started With Java CDC Development

by Sony Ericsson Mobile CommunicationsJan 01, 2008

This paper from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications introduces the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) based Java ME development with the Sony Ericsson P990 smart phone and M600 messaging device. No prior experience with Java ME is necessary, but one does need a firm understanding of the Java language and general familiarity with the features of the Java SE platform. Even if one is already familiar with Java ME or have programmed with PersonalJava, an individual needs to pay close attention to the features and limitations of CDCbased environments on mobile phones.

Whitepaper: Methods to Improve Bootup Time in Linux

by Sony Ericsson Mobile CommunicationsJan 01, 2008

This white paper focuses on techniques for reducing the bootup time up until the start of user space. That is, techniques are described which reduce the firmware time, and the kernel start time. This paper presents several techniques for reducing the bootup time of the Linux kernel, including Execute-In-Place (XIP), avoidance of calibrate delay, and reduced probing by certain drivers and subsystems. Using a variety of techniques, the Linux kernel can be booted on embedded hardware in under 500 milliseconds. Current efforts and future directions of work to improve bootup time are described.