Whitepaper: Audit Firms and Data Security: A Case Study

by EPSJan 01, 2008

This paper published by EPS describes the issue of data safety and availability of an audit firm. Audit firms maintain a large amount of documents for filing on behalf of their clients and biggest concern is the safety of computer files containing accounting records. The need for accessing the data located in client’s files, without having to personally visit each client site whenever a piece of information is needed is another concern. So EPS adopted a solution that ensures data security and availability at a surprisingly affordable cost by use of innovative software system, SAFEGUARD.

Whitepaper: Will SafeGuard Unlock the Data Insurance Market?

by EPSJan 01, 2008

The insurance of computer data is considered as one of the most important corporate assets. Almost every office contains computers connected together into what is called Local Area Networks. The insurance of computer data is a very big, yet untapped business. Insurance should step up to service one of the most important business needs by ensuring the safety of its data assets. There are many problems concerning this issue which are causing the decision makers to hesitate, but the solution seems to be at hand. This paper describes one way to address this problem.