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Whitepaper: Oracle’s Middleware Strategy for JD Edwards Customers: What Fusion Middleware Has to Offer EnterpriseOne and World Users

by Andrews & Consulting GroupJan 01, 2008

To communicate with each other, services require a specialized layer of software that manages their interactions. Software that does this has come to be known as ""Middleware"" because it logically occupies a place between operating systems, databases, and applications. While middleware already manages communications between these IT resources, it will become even more critical to the functioning of SOAs. The subject of middleware can quickly become complex and deeply technical. The goal of this research paper is to take some of the mystery out of the topic while still providing a level of detail for those who need it.

Whitepaper: The Road Ahead for JD Edwards Customers: What Oracle’s Acquisition of PeopleSoft Means for EnterpriseOne and World Users

by Andrews & Consulting GroupJan 01, 2008

Now that Oracle controls the future of JD Edwards applications, those who use the software want to know what the road ahead holds for them. They also want to understand what Oracle’s motivations are when it comes to them. Because of the negative publicity that surrounded the takeover of PeopleSoft, many customers are wondering how Oracle will treat them. As a consulting firm that advises JD Edwards customers, the researchers were skeptical about Oracle themselves. The researchers discovered that Oracle Corporation was much more reasonable, responsible, and mature than they expected.